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OSNews, Generic OSes As you're going to see hear in tomorrow's OSNews podcast, there was a lot of interesting stuff going on on OSNews this week. We've had some serious talks about advertising on the web, Intel getting a serious slap on the wrist, we've talked about what to do with RAM, a mind-boggling security issue in Windows 7, and much more. This week's My Take is about Two And A Half Men.
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Two and a half men
by hollovoid on Sun 17th May 2009 21:46 UTC
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Great series, definitely not a "complex" comedy, but hilarious regardless.

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by jason_ff on Sun 17th May 2009 22:57 UTC
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Hear or here?

Edit: Ah, it's been corrected. Move along.

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Two questions:
by judgen on Sun 17th May 2009 23:10 UTC
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q1: Isnt the boy 15 in the latest season?
q2: Isnt charlie the good son, he is less neurotic, more sucessful, more enjoyable, also he drinks less (based on the amounts he drinks while in shot compared to charlie who is more of the hungover guy from yesterday)
Alan drinks in every episode for gods sake. So the be quite frank, Alan is the bad son with the only exception that he gave his mother a grandson. But MAN! is that a stupid kid or what?..... might have been dropped on his head when he was little.

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Two and a half men
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 18th May 2009 02:06 UTC
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Its essentially the distilled sitcom comedy. Its like the creators studied all sitcoms that came before it and removed any complexities, nuances, or intelligence from them.

But, maybe having a sitcom like that causes more sitcoms to try and not be it. If so, then it serves a valuable public service.

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