Linked by Rahul on Thu 21st May 2009 14:40 UTC
X11, Window Managers Phoronix provides a status update on the Wayland Display Server project. The Wayland Display Server aims to be a mini-display server which makes use of the latest X and kernel technologies such as the Graphics Execution Manager and kernel mode-setting. It also comes with its own built-in compositing manager.
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Comment by adkilla
by adkilla on Thu 21st May 2009 16:59 UTC
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is there even an Alpha ?
by boulabiar on Thu 21st May 2009 18:42 UTC
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Is there an Alpha to test ?

Why throwing XServer and starting new one ? isn't better to ask to recode XServer parts ?

duplicating code everywhere and dividing communities in many projects

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RE: is there even an Alpha ?
by Rahul on Thu 21st May 2009 19:27 UTC in reply to "is there even an Alpha ?"
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I am pretty sure you haven't read the article. Wayland doesn't throw away anything.

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