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GNU, GPL, Open Source The uphill battle that open-source programs face to steal ground from proprietary software comes with added pitfalls in China, where problems like software piracy take away strengths that open source has elsewhere. The Chinese government backs multiple domestic open-source projects, but their software is not widely used. Low awareness, a lack of big open-source projects and difficulty finding expertise in certain programming languages all hamper the development of open source in China.
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by rockmen1 on Fri 17th Jul 2009 02:58 UTC
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For personnel, the main reason IMO is that most developers in China struggle to make their living.
Can you image that working over 12 hours a day and get only 500-1200 USD salary per month? Return home tired the only thing you want is have a good rest.
For company, unwillingness to open.There are many companies that block internet access, block USB ports, and disallow build-in camera mobile to prevent source codes leaking outwards.
The well-known company, HUAWEI is one of the examples.

For gov, e.g. to pay 500 USD for developers to bring up an "self-own" intellectual property OS. The result? End up of criticism for copying massive code from FreeBSD.

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