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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Like any true geek who's addicted to online presence, a VoIP SIP, Twitter, and a multi-protocol IM application are the first kinds of apps I am trying to locate when jumping smartphone platforms. The iPhone is currently my platform of choice, and the AppStore has its share of such communication applications. So I decided to give a whirl to Acrobits' Softphone, set it up with Gizmo5 and Google Voice, and use it to call my family in Greece or more rarely, my husband at work. Update: New version is out, fixing most of the things mentioned in the review below, and implementing PUSH.
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How about 3G
by Lamnk on Sun 23rd Aug 2009 09:33 UTC
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Can the app make calls on 3G network ?

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RE: How about 3G
by acrobits on Sun 23rd Aug 2009 09:59 UTC in reply to "How about 3G"
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no, it can't. No VoIP phone in the App Store can, it's Apple regulation. Unfortunately.

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Time for VoIP over VPN ?
by Lennie on Sun 23rd Aug 2009 10:57 UTC in reply to "RE: How about 3G"
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Although I discourage the use of these closed platforms, maybe someone should make a VoIP app that encapsulates it in an encrypted VPN. :-)

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progress I guess
by ameasures on Sun 23rd Aug 2009 13:49 UTC
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I kind of understand why Apple won't let users make IP calls over the 3G networks. It would play havoc with the cost structure and performance structure of the 3G networks.

Frankly any cell phone manufacturer going down that route would have awkward relations with the 3G network operators. Cheap mobile IP telephony may come but perhaps on the back of WiMax.

Thanks for the review; though I tend toward Skype rather than SIP. My ipodTouch has finally admitted it has BlueTooth with the V3 software update but I still really really wish they had put a mic in to it in the first place - it was just churlish.

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