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OSNews, Generic OSes And yet another Week in Review, number 42 to be exact, so I guess this week is pretty important, you know, with life, the universe, and everything and all that stuff. It wasn't a particularly strong week or anything, but we still got some interesting stuff to look back upon.
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C'mon we're waiting!
by AmigaRobbo on Sun 13th Sep 2009 21:10 UTC
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Where's this bloomin' MorphOS review to mentioned months ago then? I ask not because I want the Efika back, but I really want to hear what you have to say.

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by Eddyspeeder on Mon 14th Sep 2009 14:03 UTC
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An interesting thing happened this week:

- Apple open sources more code (GCD)
- Microsoft starts non-profit open source org
- Microsoft offers anti-Linux training

Is this some strange paradox? Are we witnessing the prelude of a shift toward a world in which open source becomes something that Apple and Microsoft simply *must* participate in, even though they don't want Linux to pose a greater threat?

Sure it won't evolve very quickly, but this seems like a fascinating start.

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