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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm has released webOS 1.2 today - and it doesn't fix iTunes sync. It's got a whole boatload of new features though, so have fun exploring. Your Pre will update itself automatically over-the-air.
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by galvanash on Mon 28th Sep 2009 23:45 UTC
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It was fun while it lasted. I give Palm kudos for trying anyway. Not because I think Pres (Pri?) should be able to sync with iTunes, I really couldn't care less... I just like watching big corporations act like 9th grade high school girls. Its entertaining! Pre won't even look at iPod's boyfriend after this - step off b*tch!

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RE: Well...
by atari05 on Tue 29th Sep 2009 07:52 UTC in reply to "Well..."
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Its not like PALM started this. It was APPLE and as much as I think apple makes a decent product, its going to their head.

When it comes to iTunes, I think its crap as it doesn't support multiple formats and doesn't sync to anything but an iPod and is the MAIN reason why I haven't switched exclusively to MAC. as I can't find a Amarok(lin) or Media Monkey (win) for the platform.

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RE[2]: Well...
by REM2000 on Tue 29th Sep 2009 08:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Well..."
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Palm started this by selling a product that effectively had to hack to get it to work with it's competitors product. I think it was unprofessional of the company to do this.

They should have instead took the source code to some of the good players like song bird and code it for the palm. Not only would palm have a solid player which can be extended to fit around any future strategy, but also the community would benefit from Palm putting in code to the project.

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RE[2]: Well...
by apoclypse on Tue 29th Sep 2009 15:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Well..."
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WTF? Palm did start this, by using a hack to leech off of Apple's money maker. There really is no way to justify what they did unless you have Palm blinders on.

Let me put it like this. If someone leeches off of your wireless access point because you left it unprotected and you decided to lock it down because you want protect you information/don't want people getting off on your dime are you now automatically a dick. I don't think so. I pay $90 a month for my service don't want other people getting free what I work and pay for. Simple as that. Apple fought long and hard to make iTunes what it is, why should Palm reap the benefits when they haven't contributed one red cent to Apple for the privilege.

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Still waiting
by John Blink on Tue 29th Sep 2009 09:50 UTC
John Blink
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Nice that they have updated there software, how about bringing the phone to Australia.

By the time it gets here it will be old and I would have moved on to something else.

Save the company! Sell to Australia and worldwide.

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They should cry more
by Karitku on Tue 29th Sep 2009 10:25 UTC
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This time they should cry on EU it will work much better. They did major mistake when they tried to appeal on sensible organization such as USB-IF, big mistake, aim something that is full of idiots like EU.

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In other news...
by CrLf on Tue 29th Sep 2009 23:02 UTC
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I know it's slightly off-topic, but since there seems to be such praise for the Pre around here, where it is frequently compared to a shining white knight against the evil iPhone and the App Store, I would like to take that chance and point out to the recent story about jwz and the App Catalog:

Note that I don't have an iPhone, nor am I interested in having one, so no "iPhone fanboy" remarks please.

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1.2 Breaks Exchange Sync
by jspaloss on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 04:10 UTC
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To anyone who has lost their ability to sync with MS Exchange after upgrading to 1.2, please look here:

and/or here:

I just spent the past 3 days without email, contacts or calendar. I've spent several hours on the phone (and chat) with Palm, and searching forums. I finally stumbled across the article. I hope this saves someone from hours on the phone w/ Palm. ;)

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