Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 27th Nov 2002 18:33 UTC
SGI and IRIX The IRIX 6.5.18 release contains updates for both the maintenance and feature streams. This release continues the focus on stability, reliability, security and compatibility required in the IRIX 6.5.X quarterly release process. Approximately 118 customer reported incidents are fixed in this release.
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by jon on Wed 27th Nov 2002 22:14 UTC

i thought that sgi was phasing out irix.... could be wrong though

Re: irix?
by Mark Hellegers on Wed 27th Nov 2002 23:40 UTC

That was quite a while ago. Now they're saying that they will have two lines. Mips/Irix and Itanium/Linux.

Shame you have to pay to get the maintenance stream now, though.
Oh well, I'll just have to wait 9 months till 6.5.18 is released for free.

Re: irix?
by RalphT on Thu 28th Nov 2002 09:06 UTC

> Now they're saying that they will have two lines. Mips/Irix...

That's right. There are no plans to do anything with IRIX other than continue to enhance it by adding new features, add support for new hardware and fixing bugs! So it's the same story as it was years ago when IRIX was first conceived.

Another interesting story (I don't think I saw it here) was the release of the MIPSpro 7.4 compilers. 7.4 has much better C++ compliance, as well as full C99 support and some clever new optimizations. For all the info, look here: