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3D News, GL, DirectX "Fedora started out by shipping the Nouveau DDX driver, then turned to kernel mode-setting support that has matured and is used by default with the current Fedora 12 release. With Fedora 13, Red Hat is again shipping with the latest free software NVIDIA bits, which now includes 3D support. Thanks to an update to the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package, there is 3D/OpenGL support enabled for NVIDIA hardware. This 3D support is coming from Nouveau's Gallium3D driver for most of the NVIDIA graphics hardware while there is also a classic Mesa driver for old NV hardware that recently came about. Yes, there is finally a deployed Nouveau-NVIDIA Gallium3D driver that will be easily deployable out in the wild with Fedora 13."
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by fithisux on Tue 16th Feb 2010 16:56 UTC
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they will include the latest XGI driver too. I have a Volari 3 and I am sick of using VESA.

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It work!
by Elv13 on Tue 16th Feb 2010 17:30 UTC
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but KDE performances are awful, it's unsusable. Compositing turned on or off.

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RE: It work!
by Delgarde on Tue 16th Feb 2010 22:24 UTC in reply to "It work!"
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but KDE performances are awful, it's unsusable. Compositing turned on or off.

Well, in terms of shipping with Fedora, it's replacing the old 'nv' driver, which was considerably worse. So, it's still a big improvement, even if it's not yet matching the performance of NVidia's binary driver.

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RE: It work!
by Fettarme H-Milch on Thu 18th Feb 2010 00:41 UTC in reply to "It work!"
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No idea who voted you down. If your statement reflects the current performance, it deserves an "Informative" vote.

However, there's still some time until Fedora 13 will be released. Report that in Red Hat's bug tracker and with some luck Red Hat's Nouveau devs will be able to fix the performance bugs in time.

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This is big news
by Dirge on Wed 17th Feb 2010 04:25 UTC
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To me this seems like really big news, perhaps soon we will need to rely on binary gfx drivers.

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interesting news
by re_re on Thu 18th Feb 2010 14:49 UTC
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This looks promising, but to be honest, I am quite happy with nVidia binary drivers. I know, I know ... not free and all that, but performance is exceptional on my newer system with no real stability issues.

Don't get me wrong, I would rather use a "free" driver simply because I believe that in the long run it insures a more stable and portable implementation for years to come. But until performance approaches that of the binary driver developed by nvidia, I'll stick with the proprietary blob.

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