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General Development "The CodePlex Foundation has announced the arrival of several new board members, including Jim Jagielski, the Chief Open Source Officer of SpringSource. Jagielski, who was one of the original cofounders of the Apache Software Foundation, brings a lot of credibility and leadership experience to the CodePlex Foundation."
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They really can't help themselves...
by google_ninja on Wed 10th Mar 2010 23:52 UTC
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I've heard some of the people who were behind this talk, and it is totally coming from a good place. You could even say that it is a milestone for MS corporate culture. But the last thing anyone needs is another one of these foundations. They just should have just joined OSI and thrown a bunch of money at them.

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different agendas
by TechGeek on Thu 11th Mar 2010 14:47 UTC
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But the OSI and CodePlex have different agendas. OSI supports open source software regardless of platform. CodePlex is there to make open source software work better on Windows, so that Microsoft can usurp the value adding applications from Linux. Now that may not necessarily be a bad thing, but Microsoft continues to claim that Linux is infringing their patents and charge companies for license fees on their Linux infrastructure.

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Finally, Neville
by fretinator on Thu 11th Mar 2010 15:43 UTC
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We have "peace for our time."

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Horizontal scrolling?
by righard on Thu 11th Mar 2010 15:53 UTC
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I wonder why they choose for horizontal scrolling. To me vertical scrolling seems more logical because text goes downward has as well. It just seems unintuitive. Maybe they choose horizontal because of screen space.

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aargh Member since:

How does one mark spam? I just modded it down as off-topic...

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