Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 6th Dec 2002 18:42 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs The Moho competition is now over, and here are the three lucky winners who will be sent a Registration Code for this great cartoon-making application: Dan Severns (destatnj2 AT hotmail DOT com), Mikael Larsson (gdf759d AT tninet DOT se), Ben Oon (oonyk AT yahoo DOT com). Congratulations!
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by mike on Fri 6th Dec 2002 18:57 UTC

Not posting their e-mail address in an open way.
That was very thoughtful, anda great way to fight spam.
Keep up the good work.

Just do what a lot of people have been doing. Bombard this spammer millionaire with your own spamming tactics, or in other words, give him a taste of his own medicine.

well, well, well
by pmox on Fri 6th Dec 2002 21:21 UTC

So you really can win things on the internet. Thanks Eugenia and Moho, this software looks really cool and i am looking forward to using it. yeah! WOOOOOOOO!!!

How many people entered?
by Jesse on Sat 7th Dec 2002 00:42 UTC

Just curious... How many people entered? (if it is tooo much work to figure it out, don't answer... not that important!)


by Mikael Larsson on Sat 7th Dec 2002 00:55 UTC

As Pmox I though it was impossible to win anything on the internet. So I toke it as I joke when I filled in the few lines of information. I had planned to purshase this software next week but now I won't have to. Thx Eugina and Moho.


RE: How many people entered?
by Eugenia on Sat 7th Dec 2002 02:02 UTC

I heard there were about 354 entries, in less than 17 hours. ;)

by rain on Sat 7th Dec 2002 05:43 UTC

congrats people! I hope you make us some nice movies ;)
why did you post their email adresses btw?

Can we see the winner movies??????
by raggyman on Sat 7th Dec 2002 12:00 UTC

Hello! I'd love to see the movies, or just parts of the movies! Would be fun.

raggyman at bemail dot org ;-)
(Please don't send the movies to the emailaddress... Guess that would be too much a "spacekiller".

by Antarius on Sun 8th Dec 2002 22:11 UTC

Oooohhhh... A Cartoon producer called "Larsson?"

Anyone else have the vision of "Animated Far Side?" ;)