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General Development "The LLVM Machine Code sub-project of LLVM was created to solve a number of problems in the realm of assembly, disassembly, object file format handling, and a number of other related areas that CPU instruction-set level tools work in. It is a sub-project of LLVM which provides it with a number of advantages over other compilers that do not have tightly integrated assembly-level tools. This blog post talks about how the MC project evolved, describes a few different aspects of it , talks about the improvements/capabilities it brings to LLVM, and finishes off with the current status of the project."
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New terms of service
by vivainio on Tue 13th Apr 2010 07:17 UTC
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I'm waiting for the new LLVM terms of service to be announced later this year, where you are only allowed to build source code authored with TextMate, 80-char column spacing...

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