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Intel "A laptop with Light Peak built-in was shown off during Kahn's speech, where a single cable was used simultaneously to transmit Blu-ray video, a feed from a high-definition camera and a duplication of the laptop's display onto another screen. What's more, the Light Peak cable was plugged into the laptop through a tweaked USB 3.0 port with components added to receive the optical signal while still being able to accept normal USB 3.0 devices. "
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by clhodapp on Thu 15th Apr 2010 03:25 UTC
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One question, though: Doesn't USB 3.0 also use an optical link as part of its data transmission method? I'm sure that USB 3.0's link is not as fast as Lightpeak, but it would make these combo Lightpeak/USB3 ports more economical if I am correct in this.

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by darknexus on Thu 15th Apr 2010 07:25 UTC
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Super cool. How long before us mortals get it? ;)

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RE: Awesome
by Tuishimi on Thu 15th Apr 2010 07:33 UTC in reply to "Awesome"
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Kahn's speech? "Kirk! Still alive old friend!"

edit: Was not meant to be in response to Darknexus.

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love it
by poundsmack on Thu 15th Apr 2010 18:03 UTC
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I am super excited about light peak. between light peak and display port those are the interfaces i want. even though lightpeak could do display port's work too, i think its best to have a dedicated display technology.

good times.

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by twitterfire on Thu 15th Apr 2010 18:12 UTC
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One high speed universal interface that hopefully will replace all others. The only question is when it will become mainstream?

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RE: Nice
by Praxis on Fri 16th Apr 2010 03:13 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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Probably as soon as Intel starts pushing it. Intel has a lot of sway with the hardware manufacture and is a large hardware manufacturer. Plus this is a fairly nifty standard that has a lot of value. As long as the costs aren't too high I would not be surprised if this becomes ubiquitous on new PC within a couple years of it commercial release.

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