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OSNews, Generic OSes This article falls under the category of emulation. The venerable DOSBox emulator has been incremented to version 0.74. DOSBox emulates an IBM compatible PC computer running MS-DOS and is great for all you retro gamers or those wishing to run legacy applications. Personally I would love to relive the past with all the great games of yore. There is an extensive change log listing all the improvements, so head on over to the official website to peruse them.
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by kragil on Sun 16th May 2010 14:06 UTC
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If there really is not enough hardcore OS news, maybe reporting more about OS Emulation is a viable source of news.

Just a thought, I wanted to mention that on the OSnews-News article. But loosing my comment votes was not an option ;)

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RE: Emulation
by Dirge on Mon 17th May 2010 00:08 UTC in reply to "Emulation"
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I hope so too, its definitely in the same realm.

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Comment by cerbie
by cerbie on Sun 16th May 2010 22:11 UTC
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They don't list anything about Gravis. I was kind of hoping they had fixed the SB16/Ultrasound combo (0.72 allowed both, 0.73 only one or the other). I'll still try it and see if anything works better.

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