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Microsoft "Over the past year or so, Microsoft's robotics group has been working quietly, very quietly. That's because, among other things, they were busy planning a significant strategy shift. Microsoft is upping the ante on its robotics ambitions by announcing today that its Robotics Developer Studio, or RDS, a big package of programming and simulation tools, is now available to anyone for free."
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History repeating?
by vodoomoth on Sun 23rd May 2010 13:44 UTC
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Microsoft is also making the source code of selected program samples and other modules available online

Seems like some lessons remain to be learnt. There are several fully open-sourced and currently used alternative solutions out there. You need to offer at least the same possibilities as the others to penetrate a market... unless I'm mistaken.

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RE: History repeating?
by UglyKidBill on Mon 24th May 2010 03:31 UTC in reply to "History repeating?"
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Nah, you just need either better marketing or just a larger amount of money spent on lousy marketing ;)

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RE: History repeating?
by poundsmack on Mon 24th May 2010 16:40 UTC in reply to "History repeating?"
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Microsoft has a good offering here. My other favorites are:


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v For free?
by sorpigal on Mon 24th May 2010 10:29 UTC
RE: For free?
by TommyCarlier on Mon 24th May 2010 12:34 UTC in reply to "For free?"
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Free has multiple meanings. That's the way language works. It's not because one of the meanings doesn't apply that you can't use the word.

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RE[2]: For free?
by sorpigal on Tue 25th May 2010 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE: For free?"
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Except that in this case the usage is ambiguous, hence the need to clarify. MS is releasing software in to a market where there are major Free alternatives. To say that it is releasing free software certainly is unclear. Did MS just bow to market pressures and join the movement? If not it would be wise to say so.

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Robotics programming
by Priest on Tue 25th May 2010 06:51 UTC
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I really wish my school would offer a robotics programming class. That seems like something that could be fun and educational at the same time.

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