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Hardware, Embedded Systems You have these products and/or technologies that everybody expects to go mainstream, yet never really do. You know, things like desktop Linux (+14 troll), ARM-based netbooks, and... PixelQi screens. Yes, these wonder displays are supposed to take over the world, yet, we've only ever seen them on demonstration devices - never on shipping products we can, you know, buy. At Computex, PixelQi once again showed off its display technology on demonstration devices.
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Comment by Neolander
by Neolander on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 14:03 UTC
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Laptop screen the way it should always have been done ;)
No stupid reflective layer, low power consumption, large viewing angles, not hard on the eyes when reading books...

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RE: Comment by Neolander
by renox on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 14:33 UTC in reply to "Comment by Neolander"
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A big improvement but still not perfect: DPI are still not high enough IMHO.

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RE: Comment by Neolander
by nabil2199 on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 15:21 UTC in reply to "Comment by Neolander"
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He who came up with the idea of glossy screens should be shot ;)
j/k don't throw me in jail if someone ends up dead

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RE[2]: Comment by Neolander
by krtekz on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Neolander"
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RE[2]: Comment by Neolander
by Neolander on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 16:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Neolander"
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I'd prefer to apply the "trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again" motto around the main doors of the company which managed to sell that horrible concept ^^

Inventing something bad is no big deal, as long as the responsible silently disappears. Selling it so well that it kills a good competing product, on the other hand...

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RE[3]: Comment by Neolander
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 16:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Neolander"
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Agreed. I specifically opted to buy a more expensive Benq monitor, simply because I refused to buy one of those OOOOH SHINY!!!!1!1! glossy pieces of crap. No annoying finger smudges, no glares, and a hell of a lot easier to clean once it does get dirty.

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I want something with a Pixel Qi screen really bad.

Reading backlid screens right before going to sleep is really bad for your bio rhythm (proven fact for normal people, like always exception do exist).
I don't really like the current e-ink devices, but a netbook or a tablet with a Pixel Qi screen would give me the ability to read my PDFs in great quality and with my favorite reader.

I only hope these devices will be available some day in europe (2010 would be nice)

I wonder if there will be software support for higher B/W resolution like with the OLPC.

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Awesome screens
by mrhasbean on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 15:03 UTC
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The challenge will be getting them into devices without them costing the earth. The tech market wants something for nothing at the best of times, so even if they're only 10% more expensive to manufacture (which I doubt) selling them at a higher price point to consumers who buy computers, phones, etc in shops under artificial light, therefore never really seeing the huge advantage of this technology, will be difficult. I truly hope we see this technology become mainstream though.

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Comment by RichterKuato
by RichterKuato on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 15:45 UTC
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As someone who looks at a screen most of the day this is really good news. They kinda reminds me of my old Game Boy Color. I can't wait to see these in devices especially drawing and internet tablets.

Until then, paper is still the better for drawing and reading.

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It's still just a demo.
by UncleWarthog on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 18:43 UTC
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It doesn't matter how many times you demo it, vaporware is still vaporware.

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Keep in mind that the direct ancestor of the PixelQi screens has been manufactured and shipped in quantity quite successfully. After all these were/are the screens used in the XO-1 and XO-1.5 laptops (from the OLPC project). I have one, obtained from the G1G1 program several years ago. So this technology has a proven track record in a device that was ultimately manufactured for under $150.

And it's a really nice screen. OLPC might have made some mistakes (the software, keyboard & trackpad spring to mind) but the screen is a winner! When folded into its tablet configuration, its actually a very passable eReader, unfortunately with not enough screen real estate to show a full page PDF comfortably. So you can't call these screens vaporware, one generation of them has already shipped.

I'm really looking forward to devices that incorporate new generations of the technology, with higher resolutions.

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