Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 11th Dec 2002 19:01 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs e-Picture Pro 3.0 is the complete web graphics design application for users that want to jazz up their sites with refined graphics, animations and rollovers, including built-in text effects. With e-Picture Pro, you get a powerful still image and animation tool that can take your web graphics to the next level. Now, you can win a free copy of e-Picture Pro 3.0 (valued at $130) for Windows by entering the competition.
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Feature I would like to see....
by Nikola Pizurica on Wed 11th Dec 2002 19:47 UTC

>What new features would
>you like to see on e-Picture Pro?

BeOS version of it!!! :-)
They have to do it, just for good luck. Look what happened to Gobe since they've moved to no-BeOS Gobe 3.

uhm.. almost as stupid as the last one
by rain on Wed 11th Dec 2002 19:53 UTC

again, I would need a copy to be able to say what new things I want in it. And if I had a copy, I wouldn't need to win one.
However at least there is a downloadable trial version here, so it makes more sense than the Xandros competition.

RE: uhm.. almost as stupid as the last one
by Eugenia on Wed 11th Dec 2002 19:55 UTC

>I would need a copy to be able to say what new things I want in it.

The demo is free for download.

re: eugenia
by rain on Wed 11th Dec 2002 20:06 UTC

I allready said that in my post ;) I said that at least it's better than the xandros competition where you couldn't even get a clue.

but, it would take more than a quick glimpse at the demo version to get an idea of what kind of improvements that are needed. and by the time I've figured that out, the competition would be over ;)

it just seems a bit silly to me, not any biggie. you can always make stuff up. but it would be wise of them to actually ask for some info that might be of any value.

beatware still in business?
by Anonymous on Wed 11th Dec 2002 20:28 UTC

i remember 'em from the beos days.

they should open GPL source their beatware writer and summit.

Summit wasn't really from Beatware
by LoCal on Wed 11th Dec 2002 20:34 UTC

It's from.... Maarten Hekkelman.... IIRC..... but the realcode is not from BeatWare.... that's for sure.

Uhm... a short query at told me that I'm right... and the source is out there ;)


counting my days as a BeOS only guy..... I can see an iBook is coming ;)

RE: Summit wasn't really from Beatware
by Eugenia on Wed 11th Dec 2002 20:36 UTC

>counting my days as a BeOS only guy..... I can see an iBook is coming ;)

You? You LoCal? I can't believe it!! You have flamed me a zillion times in the past as to how much BeOS is alive. And now you want to switch? ;)

by aphex on Wed 11th Dec 2002 21:24 UTC

What new features would
you like to see on e-Picture Pro?

Beos support ;)

Damnit! Another one!
by Will on Wed 11th Dec 2002 21:45 UTC



Eugenia is just doing this to us before she leave because she can. Teasing and taunting...

A feature?
by mario on Wed 11th Dec 2002 22:07 UTC

How about "less bugs"? Is that a "feature"?

Designed for Windows XP?
by Bas on Wed 11th Dec 2002 22:37 UTC

Oooppss...XP? does it run on Wine? anybody know?

by eloj on Wed 11th Dec 2002 22:44 UTC

This sounds like a horrible product. How about a product that undo stuff like this to 'jazz down' sites instead? It would remove animations, rollovers, text-effects, sound/music, font-tags and all that horrible stuff (site-side of course)?

It's a XHTML Strict validating world, baby!

Linux, please
by anopenscroll on Thu 12th Dec 2002 00:23 UTC

BeOS, yeah right. More Linux apps, baby!

Oh yeah...
by Elver Loho on Thu 12th Dec 2002 06:35 UTC

I do understand that this is OSNews and it's for all kinds of people... but who the hell would use Frontpage or one of these "wizard programs" that produces sloppy animated gifs and doesnt do anything useful for power users? Do we really need more horrible web sites?

It's not horrible, eloj...
by Watts on Thu 12th Dec 2002 07:22 UTC's just redundant.

I was really pretty jazzed about e-Picture on BeOS because (if it had been debugged, a big "if!") it would have been a better graphics program than anything else on the platform. A lot of Be users at the time were deriding it like you are, and that's largely Beatware's fault for insisting on promoting it for its GIF animation capabilities. It's so much more than that--it's an object-oriented, resolution-independent drawing program aimed at the web. At the time I saw it I didn't think there was anything else like it.

Actually, though, on the platforms e-Picture is on now, there is. It's called Macromedia Fireworks. Hence, "redundant." When I used Fireworks for the first time, it was clear that Beatware had originally set out to do a BeOS equivalent.

If you don't have Fireworks, e-Picture might be worth it, presuming it's less buggy. But in practice there's very little e-Picture does that Fireworks doesn't, and many things Fireworks does that e-Picture doesn't. (Ironically, e-Picture's biggest advantage initially would have been the responsiveness of BeOS compared to Windows and MacOS.) Comparing the two is like comparing Paint Shop Pro to Photoshop... except that unlike the significant price jump between those two, Fireworks isn't that much more expensive than e-Picture is.

What happened to the MacOS version ?
by Ludovic Hirlimann on Thu 12th Dec 2002 07:30 UTC

E-Picture took life on BeOS then was portyed to macos and the to win32. I clearly remember the Beatware booth at Paris Apple Expo 2000. Version 3.0 seems to be win32 only.
Any information on where and when a macos, macosX version will be available ? (remember marc, beatware's CEO/Founder, used to work on NeXT computer and one of beatware's first application ever was a Interface Builder like application).


re: What happened to the MacOS version ?
by Arielb on Thu 12th Dec 2002 07:42 UTC

I predicted they would dump their Mac fans just like they dumped BeOS. They were one of the first to leave BeOS and it was a hard blow because they obviously incorporated the Be name in their own. It's one thing when the big guns that never had a history like Steinberg do it-this was almost like family

I remember those days, Arielb
by mario on Thu 12th Dec 2002 08:35 UTC

it wasn't pretty. Interestingly, none of those who dumped BeOS did too well, afterwards.I don'tmeant ot say that sticking with BeOS would have provided success, but this does show that BeOS itself wasn't the problem. In fact, at least on BeOS there is a market that can be exploited, while on Windows and Linux there isn't, and hasn't been for quite a while.

Arielb: well, lesson to be learned; they left Be as one of the first and survived unlike others. They left the Mac behind and are still alive. More than you can say for other companies who started out as developing for BeOS like Gobe as an example.

LoCal: have fun with the iBook. After a year I couldn’t stand MacOS anymore.

Ah Beatware...
by Shice on Thu 12th Dec 2002 14:24 UTC

I was never too enamored of their BeOS products. Mail-It was the first BeOS software purchase I made, and it was followed shortly by a purchase of PostMaster, if that tells you anything. Their custom UI was probably the most immediately annoying thing, it neither looked nor felt like a BeOS app.

ePicture in those days was okay, I seem to remember it's vector-based so that's a plus. But it failed my litmus test for image apps: the task of cropping/resizing a larger image to make a 100x100 thumbnail, then apply a stroke to give it a thin black border, then add caption text, then either stroke the text or give it a drop shadow so it's readable over the image. Not a particularly hard task, at the time I could have done it in PhotoShop in my sleep.

by Sander Stoks on Fri 13th Dec 2002 09:15 UTC

Look at who's in the board of directors for Beatware :-)