Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 12th Dec 2002 17:57 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs And the winner for yesterday's Beatware competition is... Paul Go! The lucky winner will receive an ESD version of e-Picture PRO, normally priced at $129.
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Congratulations ...
by Ludovic hirlimann on Thu 12th Dec 2002 19:03 UTC

Would you mind writting a review about it. A second review would be really cool.


by Paul Go on Fri 13th Dec 2002 00:36 UTC

I will try to write a review of it once I've played with it some. I'm really quite excited about this. Woot!

Would OSNews be the proper place for a review? I dunno.

by Ludovic Hirlimann on Fri 13th Dec 2002 12:19 UTC

Will need some materila since Eugenia is leaving ...

Btw Eugenia : have some great vacation ...


by Elver Loho on Fri 13th Dec 2002 13:25 UTC

Woot! I didnt win! Thank God! ;)

Seriously though, you guys should have such contests more often. Maybe give away some OSNews t-shirts or something small like that.