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Privacy, Security, Encryption Microsoft has released a free tool to bring newer security protections to older platforms and applications. The enhanced mitigation experience tookit (EMET) was announced at the BlackHat USA 2010 security conference in Las Vegas. EMET will be available from August and is designed to help block targeted attacks against unpatched vulnerabilities in platforms such as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
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WinXP will live forever!
by JAlexoid on Tue 3rd Aug 2010 14:38 UTC
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Well with these news, there is less and less reasons for large companies to switch to Win7.

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RE: WinXP will live forever!
by vodoomoth on Wed 4th Aug 2010 23:12 UTC in reply to "WinXP will live forever!"
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All in all, if I could switch my current Vista-powered laptop to XP, I would actually do it. Just wish Fujitsu hadn't played the Microsoft game and released NO driver at all (meaning "exactly 0 divers") for XP on the machine.

I'm using XP on an older laptop and the experience is incomparable. Actually, I've been very surprised as I'm running BOINC on both laptops and the power tests of the old AMD Athlon XP-M on XP were better than the ones of the 5-year-more-recent Core2 Duo on Vista. Many other tasks, especially video processing with Subrip and DGIndex are faster on the old machine. I'm puzzled and even wondering if something could be wrong with the default configuration of the more recent laptop. If so, I would have been incorrectly putting the blame on the OS.

So yes, if I could, I would revert to XP. Never used 7 so I can't comment on it.

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