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Apple So, now that jailbreaking is easier than ever, right now is probably the best time to dive into the vast array of possibilities that lay ahead in shackle-free land. I've already tricked my iPhone out pretty substantially, but there's always somewhere further you can go. Yes, Flash had already been ported to the iPad, and now the iPhone has received the Flash treatment as well. Jailbreaking required, naturally.
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Anyone not see this coming?
by cmost on Sun 8th Aug 2010 22:50 UTC
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As soon as I read the news report on the "legalization" of jail breaking I figured Flash for iOS would be top of the list. And here it is. I wonder how many OTA "updates" that will keep locking the back door that Apple will issue to keep people from using software and features it doesn't approve? Just because jail breaking is legal now doesn't mean that Apple will make it easy for consumers.

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Comment by Macrat
by Macrat on Mon 9th Aug 2010 00:24 UTC
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How long does the battery last running this?

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v Flash Ads
by SHatfield on Mon 9th Aug 2010 00:28 UTC
RE: Flash Ads
by righard on Mon 9th Aug 2010 03:05 UTC in reply to "Flash Ads"
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You have to push the flash widget to activate it, so your arguments againt this are incorrect.

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v Hmmm, lets see
by mrhasbean on Mon 9th Aug 2010 01:18 UTC
RE: Hmmm, lets see
by Soulbender on Mon 9th Aug 2010 04:20 UTC in reply to "Hmmm, lets see"
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in a secure, stable environment

Ah, you mean the secure environment that can be completely compromised from a website?

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v RE[2]: Hmmm, lets see
by tyrione on Mon 9th Aug 2010 05:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Hmmm, lets see"
RE[3]: Hmmm, lets see
by No it isnt on Mon 9th Aug 2010 08:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmm, lets see"
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No, the security flaws in Apple's iOS are in Apple's implementation of PDF. Adobe Reader is a steaming pile of half-rotted manure, but Apple managed to screw this up on their own.

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RE[3]: Hmmm, lets see
by dvhh on Mon 9th Aug 2010 08:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmm, lets see"
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Have to credit Adobe with those pesky malformed fonts and PDF.

So Adobe is resposible for the implementation of the PDF renderer on iOS ? I didn't know, thank for your insight ;) . So next time there will be a vulnerability in how a browser handle HTML files let's just blame w3c, and vulnerability from jpeg image handling, from the jpeg group, and TIFF image vulnerability let's blame Adobe on this (duh....).

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RE: Hmmm, lets see
by WorknMan on Mon 9th Aug 2010 05:10 UTC in reply to "Hmmm, lets see"
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I can continue running the plethora apps I use on a daily basis that do all I need and more in a smartdevice in a secure, stable environment, or I can jailbrick it and run an alpha quality compatibility layer over unlicensed code that was written for another device so that I can have my allocated monthly data sucked up by advertising.

LOL. I have an Android phone; I COULD run flash if I wanted to, but I choose not to, and I've yet to run into a real need for it. On the desktop, it is sometimes necessary to have flash, but for everything else, there's flashblock.

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RE[2]: Hmmm, lets see
by ari-free on Mon 9th Aug 2010 05:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Hmmm, lets see"
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it won't be as easy to block html5 ads

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RE[3]: Hmmm, lets see
by mckill on Mon 9th Aug 2010 05:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmm, lets see"
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it won't be as easy to block html5 ads

why not? adblock has been doing just fine blocking "html4" ads this entire time. don't be such a tool.

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RE[2]: Hmmm, lets see
by bert64 on Mon 9th Aug 2010 09:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Hmmm, lets see"
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I too have an android phone, and i did try flash on it quite briefly... It was extremely annoying seeing all those animated ads, it made pages load considerably slower and would probably have had a serious impact on battery life had i continued using it.

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by obsidian on Mon 9th Aug 2010 01:21 UTC
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Pr0n on the iPhone - not that I've got one.... ;)

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RE: Woohoo!
by mckill on Mon 9th Aug 2010 02:00 UTC in reply to "Woohoo! "
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actually most video porn sites detect if you're on a mobile and just feed you a mp4 with h264 instead of flash.

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by BallmerKnowsBest on Mon 9th Aug 2010 02:00 UTC
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There's lots of cool things to do with a jailbroken iPhone that you can't do with a shackled iPhone. Like, having a useful lock screen with calendar information. Or, a fancy overlay with easy access to often-used settings (turning on wifi/data/3G and such on a per-need basis saves boatloads of battery life). Or, a notification system that works pretty much like Android's (i.e., is actually useful). And so much more.

You're saying there are actually valid reasons why someone might want to jailbreak?

But... but... I thought that the only possible reasons to jailbreak an iProduct is to recompile your kernel or run a bittorrent tracker on your phone or to pirate $5 apps or to crash cellphone towers.

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HW Acceleration ;)
by John Blink on Mon 9th Aug 2010 02:08 UTC
John Blink
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But is it accelerated or will it make my iPhone an unusable piece of junk.

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v why bother
by bram on Mon 9th Aug 2010 03:09 UTC
RE: why bother
by nt_jerkface on Mon 9th Aug 2010 03:32 UTC in reply to "why bother"
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To buy video rentals somewhere else?

To watch video on Flash-only sites?

Plenty of Flash games can be played with a touch device.

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RE: why bother
by OSGuy on Mon 9th Aug 2010 10:17 UTC in reply to "why bother"
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I read recently a story about a company that created a touch screen with sensor that can detect when the finger is hovering the screen. I *think* this was reported on Engadget but I could be wrong. Perhaps this can be used to create mouse-over effect when the finger is hovering over an icon.

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RE: why bother
by Feanor on Mon 9th Aug 2010 12:58 UTC in reply to "why bother"
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It is a good thing to have the options to run whatever you want on your phone without the manufacturer having a say in the matter.

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RE: why bother
by CaptainN- on Tue 10th Aug 2010 19:39 UTC in reply to "why bother"
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On Android if you press and hold for a half a second, you trigger the Mouse Over event. I don't know. I would think it's better to actually know what you are talking about before you talk about it.

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by kvarbanov on Mon 9th Aug 2010 07:07 UTC
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Hahahaha, 'frash' in my local slang means "a lot, a whole bunch, a plethora, of things", which I would transliterate into "A lot of content" bring to the users ;)

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Comment by Paradroid
by Paradroid on Mon 9th Aug 2010 08:09 UTC
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Great, now people can run it, realise they don't really need/want it anyway, and stop complaining!

Every piece of Adobe software I've used is complete bloatware, things like their PDF viewer drive me mad, at least OS X and Linux have built in lightweight viewers.

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RE: Comment by Paradroid
by CaptainN- on Tue 10th Aug 2010 19:42 UTC in reply to "Comment by Paradroid"
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Flash came from Macromedia, and that legacy is still there. It's far from bloated, despite being quite feature rich. Most people I know, don't have a problem running Farmville, and really quite like it.

I'll never understand the Flash bashing from regular Windows users. It's some weird kind of follow the leader mentality on display I think. (There are some valid gripes from Mac and Linux users.)

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Comment by oinet
by oinet on Mon 9th Aug 2010 12:11 UTC
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Good for iPhone I guess, now if my favorite video streaming sites would de-port flash...

I have an older PC on which I used to watch 480p youtube videos quite alright for the last 1+ year. After the latest flash update fullscreen playback is out of the question, and windowed playback raises CPU usage to 80%-99%.
Reinstalling older versions doesn't help in any way whatsoever, and yes I uninstall any version with the official uninstaller.

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