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Intel "Intel Corp.'s $1.4 billion acquisition of Infineon Technologies AG's wireless unit marks another step by the chip maker to expand in the wireless device market, an area where it has struggled in the past. Intel's need to push further into wireless was highlighted Friday by the company's surprising warning that third-quarter revenue would fall short of its previous expectations because of weaker-than-expected demand for consumer PCs. Smartphones and other mobile devices have long been a faster-growing segment than the PC market."
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Intel's Strange Strategy
by lfeagan on Tue 31st Aug 2010 03:44 UTC
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These last two Intel purchases are somewhat baffling, though this one far less than the McAfee purchase.

Hopefully Chipzilla realizes that customers, like Nokia, aren't going to be moving to Intel's x86 CPUs anytime soon given their ridiculously high power consumption compared with ARM. Companies are spending their power budgets on big touch screen displays. There are not enough milliwatts left for the CPU to hog power as well.

People don't want a 2GHz phone with a 1" display. Folks would much prefer 1GHz with a 3" display.

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