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Windows Look at you Windows 7! One year old and making everybody forget Vista was ever born. To mark the occasion, we highlight Windows 7 rollout lessons learned in stories featuring BMW, Continental Airlines and more.
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Happy birthday windows 7
by fithisux on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 16:30 UTC
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Reactos 0.3.12 is out.

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Nice Operating System
by fretinator on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 17:21 UTC
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Windows 7 is a very nice operating system - of course, that's because it was my idea.

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CIO on hard times - Can't pay for images
by gorbie on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 17:55 UTC
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I nearly burst out laughing at the watermark over their birthday cake.

seriously, can't afford the $2 that image would have cost?

Where can I donate via PayPal to CIO ?!

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what are they talking about?
by broken_symlink on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 18:19 UTC
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I actually read the article about the BMW "migration" it says they only deployed to 400 users. They still have 85,000 systems that are waiting to be migrated in 2011. That doesn't sound like a success to me. I didn't bother to check the other articles after that.

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So ...
by acobar on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 18:45 UTC
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after all, Microsoft also has a kind of tick-tock development engine, like Intel. Only that in Microsoft case it is more like tick-tick-tick-tock, takes a lot more time and in the end the whole thing may or not be faster. ;-)

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