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SuSE, openSUSE Last week the openSUSE conference took place in Nuremberg, Germany. Instead of deciding to fork a major desktop, the conference focused on 'collaboration across borders' and the results are showing. Fedora visitors worked with openSUSE developers to integrate systemd and dracut in openSUSE 11.4, LibreOffice held their first conference track, project Bretzn (let's make developers' life easier) was announced and it became known that Mageia discusses use of the openSUSE Build Service.
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Comment by Radio
by Radio on Sun 31st Oct 2010 21:11 UTC
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The OBS revolution is spreading ;)

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Linux distribution shakedown
by lfeagan on Mon 1st Nov 2010 00:26 UTC
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It has been interesting to see the moves made by the two most notable distributions in my life: (open)SuSE and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu seems interested in providing an appliance-like experience to most of its users.

SuSE seems to be interested in broadening the ecosystem around SuSE to be more inclusive of different distributions and different market segments as defined by external entities. As such, they are working on creating tooling that allows these external entities to decide how to apply items available from various SuSE services, such as OBS.

I hope it works out well for Ubuntu. I have a much greater stake in seeing SuSE's objectives work out well. I believe their efforts will help increase Linux adoption more by manufacturers including Linux in their products.

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To fork or not to fork
by Rehdon on Mon 1st Nov 2010 07:22 UTC
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Instead of deciding to fork a major desktop

Hehe, read Jono Bacon's latest post, apparently removing the most important UI element in Gnome 3.0 (i.e. Gnome Shell) together with assorted stuff to replace all of that with Ubuntu developed elements is not enough to call it a fork!

They're free to do what they want, that's the beauty (and danger) of free software, but why are they so afraid to call things with their proper name?

A perplexed Ubuntu user...


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and I am looking forward for 11.4

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