Linked by Thom Holwerda on Wed 10th Nov 2010 18:52 UTC
Games It took him only three hours, but here we are: Microsoft's Kinect motion controller thing for the Xbox360 has been hacked, and a preliminary open source driver has been made available for Linux. According to the hacker in question, it was surprisingly simple.
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by randy7376 on Wed 10th Nov 2010 19:12 UTC
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I love it when a plan comes together! ;)

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.. a few questions ..
by mtzmtulivu on Wed 10th Nov 2010 19:28 UTC
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should microsoft care if it is hacked and used with other systems other than 360?

It shouldnt matter what you do with the device, you paid for it, they got their $$$ unless they subsidize it hoping to get their money back through sold kinect games, are they subsidizing the device?

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RE: .. a few questions ..
by sukru on Wed 10th Nov 2010 19:37 UTC in reply to ".. a few questions .."
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As far as I know, this time they're making a profit on the device itself.

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RE[2]: .. a few questions ..
by Valhalla on Wed 10th Nov 2010 22:33 UTC in reply to "RE: .. a few questions .."
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As far as I know, this time they're making a profit on the device itself.

I really doubt this, particularly with the huge marketing campain for this costing a truckload. But then again I think the whole console experience has been very costly overall for Microsoft.

Got to hand it to them though, it takes balls to happily enter such a cutthroat market so heavily dominated by the Japanese. And they've certainly carved out a good chunk of it, the question is at what cost?

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RE: .. a few questions ..
by somebody on Wed 10th Nov 2010 19:38 UTC in reply to ".. a few questions .."
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yes, they should. if manufacturing costs are the same as starter console costs then they are selling it at loss, where they count on selling games to cover them. in that case their only defense is limited to manufacturing shortages.

i know i'm buying one tomorrow and i don't own neither xbox nor windows machine. i just see places where i could apply it in my software.

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RE: .. a few questions ..
by bitwelder on Thu 11th Nov 2010 13:19 UTC in reply to ".. a few questions .."
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should microsoft care if it is hacked and used with other systems other than 360?

Yes, it must. If somebody was thinking about buying 360 *just because* it had an unique technology as Kinetic, potentially things may have now changed, and 360 lose its appeal.
I.e. it's the whole '360 gamesystem' that is losing value.

That said, I'm very glad for the hack. Well done! :-P

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Thanks MS !
by boulabiar on Wed 10th Nov 2010 20:21 UTC
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We should thank Microsoft for this device.
It makes my Linux Machine looks even better.

(BTW, is it true they paid 500Million$ only for ads?)

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by Moredhas on Wed 10th Nov 2010 21:02 UTC
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I'm not sure which I'd rather use with my computer, a kinnect or a Playstation Move. Sure, waving your arma about like an idiot is cool (?), but I'd hate, for example, if Firefox interpreted scratching my nose as an instruction to open my web history... Particularly if I have company... ;) . With the Move, at least, everything you do with it would have to be deliberate, to the point some actions require buttons. The Kinnect's biggest selling point is also it's biggest disadvantwge, in my opinion.

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RE: Awesome.
by dvhh on Thu 11th Nov 2010 00:33 UTC in reply to "Awesome."
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It could be cool tough for some powerpoint presentation

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Hardware hackers FTW!
by purplemecha on Wed 10th Nov 2010 22:44 UTC
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Good job and congratulations to this hardware hacker.


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by broken_symlink on Wed 10th Nov 2010 23:30 UTC
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Does he get $2000 then?

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RE: bounty!
by Kalessin on Thu 11th Nov 2010 17:50 UTC in reply to "bounty!"
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Not bad for 3 hours work if so.

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RE: bounty!
by lemur2 on Fri 12th Nov 2010 03:57 UTC in reply to "bounty!"
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Does he get $2000 then?

$3000, apparently.

Plus an additional $2000 goes to the EFF.

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DIY MS Surface Made Easier?
by bornagainenguin on Thu 11th Nov 2010 04:13 UTC
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What I'm still waiting for is any indications that this can be used to make a DIY Surface table even easier to make. Anyone know if this is the case? More particularly I'd love to know if it would be possible to use this as an input for a large interactive Whiteboard type application with the user being able to "write" on the display using their hands.

Are there any possibilities this opens the door to that aren't related to robotics?


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Not So Fast, Sonny..
by Brendan on Thu 11th Nov 2010 08:25 UTC
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As far as I know the kinect device is like a web camera on steroids - a video feed with the addition of depth information and an array of microphones to allow the position of sounds to be determined (rather than just one microphone).

The new Linux driver makes this information available to software, which is a very good start, but...

There's a massive amount of software (image recognition, voice recognition, and something to combine the results of both into gestures) that is still "yet to be implemented"; and someone will need to invent some sort of API (and libraries) that's suitable for handling the wide variety of gestures, etc; and only after all that is done will application developers be able to start looking at adding support for the new gestures, etc to their applications.

Basically what I'm saying is: It's one small step for man (but there's still a long way to go before it's a giant leap for mankind).

- Brendan

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RE: Not So Fast, Sonny..
by Timmmm on Thu 11th Nov 2010 14:14 UTC in reply to "Not So Fast, Sonny.."
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Sure, if you're doing this in order to recreate Kinect games. But that's not why people want this. It is useful for many more things than just people-tracking.

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by reduz on Thu 11th Nov 2010 17:50 UTC
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Cheap motion capture, here we come!

Just think about it, 2 kinects opposed to each other to get full body realtime motion capture for animation..

Of course, i guess we have to wait for somebody to make a body tracking library as good as microsoft's one.. but it's definitely a matter of time, and the kind of stuff people in academia like to do..

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RE: Hooray!
by Timmmm on Thu 11th Nov 2010 18:05 UTC in reply to "Hooray!"
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I thought about that but I don't think two Kinects would work if they are looking at the same thing.

It's active IR time of flight. Think about it.

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