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Mac OS X "Apple announced on Thursday that its Mac App Store will open in three weeks, on Thursday, January 6. The Mac App Store is designed to offer Mac OS X users a simplified purchase, download, and installation experience similar to that of the App Store for iOS."
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PC ?
by Neolander on Sat 18th Dec 2010 06:36 UTC
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"The App Store revolutionized mobile apps," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement. "We hope to do the same for PC apps with the Mac App Store by making finding and buying PC apps easy and fun."

Well, it seems that even Jobs himself has admitted that the Mac/PC distinction is perfectly irrelevant as of today, except when it comes to selling Apple's laptops and desktop computers at a premium price...

Anyway, I can't wait to see how Apple and Microsoft are going to re-implement the software repository system on their desktop operating systems. I fear that we're heading towards lock-ins and user/dev abuse in the future, but in the present we might have some lessons to learn from their UI design.

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RE: PC ?
by t3RRa on Sat 18th Dec 2010 11:18 UTC in reply to "PC ?"
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Most if not all Mac products are personal computers, PC. aren't they? Currently most people call IBM-compatible as PC though, Mac is also PC for sure.

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RE[2]: PC ?
by Neolander on Sat 18th Dec 2010 12:08 UTC in reply to "RE: PC ?"
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Well, this is a long-standing debate.

In most people's mouth, PC stands for the subset of personal computers that desktops and laptops are. People don't commonly call their phones PC, though they are indeed personal computers.

In the mouth of Apple and their most die-hard fans, until recently, it seemed like it stood for "IBM-compatible", though since you can run Windows on Mac this distinction has probably become totally irrelevant by now. See the Mac vs PC ads for a textbook example.

Apparently, Apple have now changed their mind about that, though. That's what I was pointing out.

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RE[3]: PC ?
by t3RRa on Sun 19th Dec 2010 10:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: PC ?"
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mho and mhXP(experience ;) ) intact: I saw rather than just "PC", many of Mac users use "Wintel", "IBM-compatible", "Windows PC", "Windows machine" and etc to refer to the IBM-compatible personal computers. I think Mac vs PC ads was because of many of average people was thinking (and still do) Mac and PC are different (that means thinking Mac is not PC), and its target audiences were them. But this is only my mho so no proof. I might can be totally wrong.

Back to the topic: I do not hope for the Mac App Store to become a one place Mac users can install applications from as in iOS devices (I am not counting Cydia because it's an unofficial store) I am little skeptical here. Otherwise, not a bad thing I assume. for many of average Mac end-users. And I am looking forward to the next major release of Mac OS X the Lion! ;)

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Well it is a Personal Consideration
by kaelodest on Sat 18th Dec 2010 18:39 UTC
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The simplest distinction is price. But I would easily buy a Mac again. The Subtle issue is the SW Bundle. But what really -Makes- it a Personal Computer, is that it is mine, not something that work gave me. It is fully intended for 'Home' use. (And I work my ass off)
-=- The real funny thing is, that I can now fairly easily run the Mac OS on Decent HW, and while I havent I suppose that you could run Windows in emulation on a Dell, Sony, Toshiba or whatever. But the Bare OS X experience is a little bland. So Assuming that I built a Hackintosh and saved a few hundred bucks then I might have some desire for software. But being new to this market, I might not know what is good. I am not saying that Apple should decide what is good software. That is up to the consumer. As for developers. I do not see how they lose on this. Use the App store or not.

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Indeed many of us are so hooked on this different gadgets that are out on the market. Once we know the features if the gadget we want and it suits our taste, we try everything to have one of them. Apple's groundbreaking Mac App Store will open for business on January 6, the company declared Thurs. The Macintosh App Store functions on the Apple App Store model. Computer software for Macs could be bought, downloaded and installed as easily and effortlessly as iPhone apps. Analysts state the Mac App Store will interrupt the application market and a rogue Apple infiltrator has already been planning to pirate the idea. Individuals currently sign up for"> for Apple goods since the iPhone increased so quickly, I question how this Apple Store will affect issues.

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