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In the News Top computer science conferences typically give an award to the best paper published that year. This page compiles the best paper awards for 16 conferences since 1996, in artificial intelligence, operating systems, databases, HCI, information retrieval, and theory. The institutions that currently hold the most best paper awards? Stanford, followed by the University of Washington, Microsoft Research, and CMU."
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Microsoft vs Yahoo vs Google
by eliss on Tue 4th Jan 2011 23:32 UTC
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Interesting that Microsoft Research is near the top, while Google is near the bottom. Yahoo is somewhere in between... is Google keeping all their research to themselves, or do they simply not have researchers?

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RE: Microsoft vs Yahoo vs Google
by Nth_Man on Wed 5th Jan 2011 01:42 UTC in reply to "Microsoft vs Yahoo vs Google"
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I suggest that all the page should be read, including quotes like "This data was entered by hand [...] so please email me if you notice any errors or omissions" pointing to that unrevised data. Also the quote "I'm a third-year information science phd student" from "Jeff Huang", the author of

An experimented one could also say in that page... what was the license of the published work; it's frustrating, at least, that you get your hands tied when you could have discovered something and have untied hands. But why talking about this when that was already written

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No graphics conferences ...
by phreck on Wed 5th Jan 2011 08:45 UTC
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... SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, etc. ;)

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No architecture conferences...
by theosib on Wed 5th Jan 2011 13:19 UTC
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OOPSLA and USENIX conference papers. Where did those conferences go? Are they irrelevant these days?

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