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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It was HP/Palm's - or, as I sould say, HP's - big day today. After a period of silence, the company unveiled three new webOS products - two phones, and a tablet. The Veer, a small but capable 'mini-Pre', the Pre 3, an updated version of the Pre with a 1.4Ghz processor, and finally, finally, finally, the webOS tablet: the HP TouchPad.
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Bring it On!
by ramasubbu_sk on Wed 9th Feb 2011 19:56 UTC
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Everything looks cool. Now consumer has choice, very good. Hopefully this competition will get more innovation in both hardware & software.


(1) WebOS
(2) iPhone
(3) WP 7
(4) Android

(1) ToughPAD - WebOS
(2) iPAD - IoS
(3) Android - Linux
(4) Slate/JooJoo - Windows.

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RE: Bring it On!
by -pekr- on Wed 9th Feb 2011 20:02 UTC in reply to "Bring it On!"
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You just totally ignored RIM's QNX based PlayBook :-)

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RE: Bring it On!
by Laurence on Wed 9th Feb 2011 21:17 UTC in reply to "Bring it On!"
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(1) ToughPAD - WebOS
(2) iPAD - IoS
(3) Android - Linux
(4) Slate/JooJoo - Windows.

WebOS and JooJoo are Linux (and definitely not Windows!) and you've capitalised iPad and iOS completely wrong (though I can forgive you for that has camel case is stupid).

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RE[2]: Bring it On!
by ramasubbu_sk on Wed 9th Feb 2011 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Bring it On!"
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Thanks for Educating me. I don't release the WebOS is built on top of linux. I was thinking that is the latest version of Palm OS. I feel out dated ;)

I should see as
With Linux there are more operating environment like

- Wow!! Interesting.

Apart from linux, we have other
Windows (Windows Phone or PC version)
Symbian (future is questionable)

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RE[2]: Bring it On!
by ramasubbu_sk on Wed 9th Feb 2011 22:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Bring it On!"
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Why I mentioned JooJoo/Slate/Dell as windows is
I saw this youtube video, then I tought there is nothing wrong for JooJoo to sell both linux & windows version."

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Comment by holivega
by holivega on Wed 9th Feb 2011 20:02 UTC
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The phones and the tablet look really nice!

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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Wed 9th Feb 2011 20:12 UTC
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HP just bet the farm on WebOS. A true IBM move.

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RE: Comment by Kroc
by umccullough on Wed 9th Feb 2011 22:06 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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HP just bet the farm on WebOS. A true IBM move.

I'm not sure "bet the farm" is applicable here - at least not until every HP device is running WebOS ;)

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webos on pc's
by fran on Wed 9th Feb 2011 21:28 UTC
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This was probably one of the biggest bomb shells

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Comment by Praxis
by Praxis on Wed 9th Feb 2011 21:58 UTC
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The videos demos made these look sweet. The phone is just as smooth as ever, hopefully the hardware will be a little better. The tablet is great, much better than honeycomb by the looks of things. Android went with too much flash and not enough substance. The multitasking is sooo much better than any other tablet or in the market or in the pipeline from what they've shown today. I was rather disappointed that honeycomb multitasking was pretty much just a recently used applications list. Android does allow homescreen widgets though, which is a plus. I didn't see any homescreen widget like functions with webos, though perhaps a customized card could work instead.

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Comment by robco
by robco on Wed 9th Feb 2011 22:13 UTC
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The Veer looks cute, I hope we see a CDMA version for Sprint and Verizon soon. The new tablet isn't bad either.

But I think this is going to come down to apps. HP needs to be doing anything and everything to get developers to write apps for these. Otherwise, this is just a nice exercise. So far Android Marketplace and Blackberry AppWorld remain far behind Apple's App Store.

Pricing will also be an important factor, one that wasn't mentioned today...

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I need a Pre3
by ronaldst on Wed 9th Feb 2011 22:54 UTC
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Why doesn't everybody have one already is a mystery to me. Jesus, the WebOS UI is drop dead sexy. The cards user interface is plain genius. It solves the last problem with non-WIMP full screen UIs. The UI itself makes everything out there look bland and old (except the gorgeous text based Metro UI).

Even the Veer is nice.

Now HP just needs to advertise the damn thing.

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as opposed to the afterthought...
by mrhasbean on Wed 9th Feb 2011 23:28 UTC
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...that it is on iOS (a recently used applications list is not multitasking, Steve)

OK, so share your definition of multitasking then Thom. Here's mine.

When a person multitasks, what do they do? They have a number of things on the go and move between them, leaving each "task" to continue without interaction while some time is dedicated to another.

For example, the other night I was making this nice baked fish and prawn (shrimp) recipe I found on allrecipes. I was watching Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps while cooking and received a notification about a message on Facebook, a question about some travel plans we're making. So I whipped into Facebook to check the message and while there decided to update my wall to see what else had been happening, found that my son, whom the Facebook message was from, wanted a copy of a PDF we'd been reading a few nights prior with some relevant travel info on it, so popped into my browser and chucked in a Google search to find it, tapped the link to load the PDF, quickly checked Facebook, which had by that stage updated my wall, then went back to cooking.

I'd forgotten where I was up to in the recipe, so had to recheck that, grabbed out the implements needed for the next step, whacked a pot on low heat with the butter in it, by that time the PDF was downloaded so I saved it, popped into Mail, attached and sent it, sent my son a quick SMS to tell him to check his email, rechecked the recipe due to my Goldfish memory, then went back to watching the movie, which was right where I left it, while finishing off the cooking.

And the kicker, all except the cooking was done on my iPhone. Apps used, in order of appearance: iPod, AllRecipes, Facebook, Safari, Facebook again, AllRecipes again, Safari again, Mail, Messages, AllRecipes again, iPod again - all continued to "do their stuff" while I went about mine.

Can it have 100 apps all open at once as you would on say your home computer? Nope, but for the average user, that's pretty much multitasking right there, and the way it's implemented even the average user can get their head around it...

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ricegf Member since:

"When a person multitasks, what do they do? They have a number of things on the go and move between them, leaving each "task" to continue without interaction while some time is dedicated to another."

That's human multitasking. Operating system multitasking is when the computer is able to execute an arbitrary number of user programs concurrently.

Allowing a user program to save its state when focus shifts to another program, and restore its state and resume when focus returns, is not multitasking, no matter what spells Mr. Jobs may have spun within his famous field to confuse the matter.

For example, to use iOS as is in a corporate environment typically requires establishing and maintaining a virtual private network through the corporate firewall. A user would enter a security token to the VPN program, and the tunnel is established and maintained while the user communicates with corporate data systems. The tunnel must be actively maintained, or the firewall will close it.

On Windows XP or Red Hat Linux (both of which actually multitask), establishing the tunnel is a one-time event per computing session, and a background task maintains the tunnel regardless of which app has focus. Good.

The problem with iOS is that, when user focus shifts to another app, the tunnel is lost (because Steve forgot to add "maintain encrypted tunnels" to the short list of 5 things the operating system is able to maintain while a program is out of focus). This means, when the VPN app returns to focus, it must collect another token and then re-establish the tunnel.

The practical effect is that if the user switches focus to another program for even a second, or if the tablet sleeps for even a second, he or she must re-enter a token and wait for another encrypted tunnel to be formed and the interface to update.


If you ask why Good doesn't simply save the token in persistent storage while out of focus, then go back to Computer Security 101 and pay attention this time! If the token is based on a one-time pad cypher (strong security), it can only be used once; saving it won't help. If it's a static password (rather weak security), then persistent storage on a mobile device is a security breach just waiting to happen. The only way to create sufficient usability is to maintain the tunnel while the app is out of focus, and iOS can't.


I could list more usability problems caused by lack of multitasking, but you get the idea. Pretending to multitask isn't the same as multitasking, and multitasking was invented for many good reasons.

Don't get me wrong - the iPad is a very nice consumer device for people baking fish and prawns. But iOS 4.2 is unsuitable for use in an Enterprise setting.

Because it does not multitask.

Edited 2011-02-11 12:46 UTC

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phoenix Member since:

That's not multitasking, that's just intelligent task switching. You only have 1 app running at a time.

Multitasking is when you have multiple apps/processes running at the same time.

As in, start the music player, send it to the background, and continue to have music playing.

Bring up the browser, start a bunch of file downloads, send it to the background, and continue to download the files.

Bring up a document viewer, edit a document, start the print process, send it to the background, and it continues to print.

Bring up a terminal app, connect via SSH to a remote server, start tailing a log file, send the terminal app to the background, and have it continue to stream the log file in the background.

And so on.

Multitasking means running more than one app concurrently. Not just switching between apps, while only the foreground app is running.

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by Moochman on Thu 10th Feb 2011 04:17 UTC
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I really don't understand how "Summer" is late. Heck, it's only been a few months since they Pre 2 came out! How impatient have we become in this day and age? Good things take time!

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Can't wait till summer!
by mweichert on Thu 10th Feb 2011 13:34 UTC
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It feels like I've been waiting and waiting to see what HP would do with Palm. After the acquisition, I was telling everyone "HP is gonna do great things with Palm; you'll see - webOS is superior!" and then had everyone point and laugh when they released the Pre2... what a disappointment. Finally, we're starting to see some good comes come out of all of this. I don't know what I want.. Pre3, TouchPad, or both, but I'm getting something! ;)

Have to say though, it's better incredibly tough for a guy that only keeps on top of the mobile news once or twice a month to know which platform to go with these days. Nokia is out, though once in a while I'm intrigued about developing with Qt Mobile, but iOS, webOS, and Android all are fairly comparable and have their own strengths and weaknesses. If webOS had more exposure, and was available on multiple devices, then I think personally had has the potential to really take off. I think HP understood this when they decided to take webOS to PCs and laptops, hoping to get more large-screen apps to help with creating a presence in the tablet market.

It's very exciting right now in the world of mobile development. It's times like these I'm glad I decided on the career of a software developer because it's absolutely impossible for me to become bored in such a rapidly evolving playground.


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why so loooong?!
by Adurbe on Thu 10th Feb 2011 17:12 UTC
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whats wrong with announcing when a product is Ready? At the very least available on pre-order.

A PRE3 would suit my needs perfectly.. but I am in line to upgrade in a couple of months. Will I wait? Doubt it.. my BB Bold has served its duty so would quite like a new toy.

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