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Google "Google has released a preview WebM filter for Windows Vista and Windows 7. When installed, the filter will allow Windows programs - including Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, and perhaps most importantly of all, Internet Explorer 9 - to play back WebM-encoded video." This is simply a Media Foundation codec - not a browser plugin.
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Microsoft has cautiously welcomed the WebM Project's release of WebM Components for IE9 (Preview).

You aren't ever likely to see a more underwhelming welcome that that.

Google, OTOH, talk about their collaboration with Microsoft, and thank Microsoft for their help in bringing WebM capability to IE9.
"Microsoft collaborated closely with us to make the components fully compatible with HTML5 in IE9, so features such as the <video> tag and its canPlayType method are fully enabled for WebM. Our thanks go out to the Microsoft engineers who provided technical assistance and hosted our team in Redmond last month."

Microsoft and Google co-operating. Well, I never thought I would see the day.

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Does this add Vorbis in Ogg support?
by MissTJones on Fri 18th Mar 2011 20:02 UTC
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Does this plugin allow IE (or any other app) to play Ogg Vorbis audio files? It would be handy for HTML5 audio to have a standard format too.

Obviously it needs to decode Vorbis for WebM to work, but have they included Ogg support and any other bits necessary for standard Vorbis audio files to function?

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