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Internet & Networking Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now run their cloud applications on hardware dedicated to them. Amazon's EC2 uses virtualization, based on a customized version of the Xen hypervisor, to run multiple OSes and customers on a single physical machine. However, that way of running an IT infrastructure isn't a good fit for all users as some have regulatory or other restrictions that require physical isolation, according to an Amazon." Also: "Oh snap! Look who just ate Apple and Google's lunch here? Minutes ago, Amazon rolled out its very own music streaming service which is conveniently dubbed the Amazon Cloud Player."
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Cloud Player a bit of a cop-out
by Eugenia on Wed 30th Mar 2011 00:22 UTC
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I blogged last night about the Cloud player service: I'm personally not very excited about it because it's not as practical as I'd like it to be.

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kristianhk Member since:

Subsonic is way better, costs a one-time donation to use (on Android - free from a web-browser), and you can stream from your own computer, all your music.

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Comment by pandronic
by pandronic on Wed 30th Mar 2011 14:18 UTC
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Cloud Player is US only. Lame.

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RE: Comment by pandronic
by pandronic on Thu 31st Mar 2011 12:16 UTC in reply to "Comment by pandronic"
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I've been trying out Cloud Drive for the past day and it's pretty neat. The interface is a joy to use (fast, simple and to the point) and the free 5gB storage space is not bad either. My only complaint besides Cloud Player being available only in the US is that while you can upload multiple files at once you have to download them one by one, which sucks big time.

From what I've read on-line Cloud Player will also be available in Europe some time in the future as Amazon has been preparing itself to expand its cloud business to Europe ( )

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cloud player
by broken_symlink on Wed 30th Mar 2011 14:38 UTC
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Cloud player doesn't seem like a big deal. I've been doing something similar to stream stuff to my iphone using mpd and icecast.

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