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AMD AMD Embedded Solutions has gained a great appreciation for the value of coreboot to our ecosystem and continues to build momentum by adding support for our existing products, adding new features, and introducing a roadmap for support going forward." Let's hope regular boards are next. BIOS needs to die.
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Speed Matters
by ramasubbu_sk on Mon 9th May 2011 21:32 UTC
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I don't know how much money is going for BIOS in a $500 laptop. I don't mind whether is open source or closed source as long as it is super fast, secure & cost less. I'm just a end user here.

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RE: Speed Matters
by kragil on Mon 9th May 2011 21:44 UTC in reply to "Speed Matters"
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Some operating systems start much much faster on CoreBoot.

You _can_ avoid a lot of duplicated work with CoreBoot.

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RE: Speed Matters
by Kivada on Mon 9th May 2011 22:08 UTC in reply to "Speed Matters"
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From power off to the desktop in ~3 seconds not fast enough for you with a fully oss system?

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RE: Speed Matters
by Neolander on Tue 10th May 2011 19:54 UTC in reply to "Speed Matters"
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It's more secure if security experts can review the code.
It's more reliable if the code can receive peer review.

I care just as much as you about which BIOS my computer is running, as an end user. But as an OS developer, on the other hand, I say hooray for open-source BIOSes and firmwares, and death to the EFI patent minefield.

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