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Amiga & AROS "Hyperion Entertainment CVBA is pleased to announce that all materials comprising the AmigaOS 4.1 distribution for Amiga 1200/3000/4000 equipped with the appropriate PowerPC based accelerator card (Cyberstorm PPC or BlizzardPPC) have now been completed. AmigaOS 4.1 brings Amiga1200/3000/4000 the wealth of new functionality which was made available to other supported platforms in August of 2008 - up to and including - Update 2 released on April 30th, 2010."
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Now if only....
by leech on Mon 9th May 2011 23:21 UTC
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Someone would release a new run of PPC accelerators that were affordable to the majority of the human race...

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20 years
by braddock on Tue 10th May 2011 00:07 UTC
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I find it amazing that they are willing to support 20+ year old hardware (even with accelerators).

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RE: 20 years
by leech on Tue 10th May 2011 01:38 UTC in reply to "20 years"
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The Amiga lives on!!

Actually I think the most exciting Amiga project going on right now is the Natami. It's more of what the Amiga should have progressed to, if Commodore's executives weren't a bunch of <choose creative expletive>.

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Comment by tarpit
by tarpit on Wed 11th May 2011 13:44 UTC
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So much little market

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