Linked by David Adams on Thu 12th May 2011 17:16 UTC
OSNews, Generic OSes There comes a time in a Linux-loving geek’s life when he or she needs a new challenge. Making desktop apps isn’t hacking it anymore and building yet-another-website seems passe. If you want to jump into the world of mobile, here are a few reasons why HP webOS is the platform for you.
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Comment by Meanwhile
by Meanwhile on Thu 12th May 2011 20:20 UTC
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I love webOS, it has allowed me to overclock my Palm Pre very easily. This means Joe Users can profit from it.

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Ship the device
by mweichert on Thu 12th May 2011 22:02 UTC
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It looks and sounds great - but ship the device already! ;)

Also too, why not open source some parts?

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by John Blink on Fri 13th May 2011 00:17 UTC
John Blink
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I still want the WebOS platform to succeed above all others.

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Comment by darai
by Darai on Fri 13th May 2011 02:15 UTC
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Any way to port webOS over to n900?

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