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General Development InfoWorld's Rick Grehan provides an in-depth comparison of six Python Web frameworks, including CubicWeb, Django, Pyramid,, Web2py, and Zope 2. 'No matter what your needs or leanings as a Python developer might be, one of these frameworks promises to be a good fit,' Grehan writes. 'As usual, the choice is highly subjective. You will find zealots for each product, and every zealot is able to present rational reasons why their chosen framework is superior.'
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by WorknMan on Wed 10th Aug 2011 17:44 UTC
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I am interested in doing some web programming, so I took a look at all the web frameworks Python has to offer (there's more than what is mentioned here), and my head nearly exploded. Then I looked at PHP and was dismayed to find that they have about as many as Python does, if not more.

I think what we REALLY need are a few more web frameworks to choose from... there doesn't seem to be enough already.

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RE: Buttload-o-frameworks
by renox on Thu 11th Aug 2011 08:12 UTC in reply to "Buttload-o-frameworks"
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That's not specific to web frameworks, if you look at administration suites there is the same issue..

If a topic is easy, then there will be a buttload of solutions, making the selection difficult; if a topic is hard, sometimes there is no solution (good videocards drivers)..

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pylons ommission
by gregorlowski on Thu 11th Aug 2011 02:09 UTC
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I just skimmed the article, but I found no mention of pylons? Really? When I was evaluating frameworks for a web project a while back, pylons seemed like the fit among all the python offerings.

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RE: pylons ommission
by shas3 on Thu 11th Aug 2011 03:05 UTC in reply to "pylons ommission"
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Pyramid is the new pylons.

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RE: pylons ommission
by prudhvi on Thu 11th Aug 2011 03:06 UTC in reply to "pylons ommission"
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Pylons is legacy now. repoze.bfg + pylons = Pyramid.

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RE[2]: pylons ommission
by gregorlowski on Thu 11th Aug 2011 03:18 UTC in reply to "RE: pylons ommission"
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Ahh, I deserve an RTFA for my original comment. I haven't looked at pylons since the name change, but TFA does explicitly mention:

"Pyramid, a flexible new offering from the group that produced the popular Pylons framework..."

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RE: pylons ommission
by Clinton on Thu 11th Aug 2011 03:12 UTC in reply to "pylons ommission"
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Nevermind... Nobody likes a Johnny Come Lately.

Edited 2011-08-11 03:13 UTC

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by FishB8 on Thu 11th Aug 2011 22:44 UTC
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still prefer rails.

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Comment by snorkel2
by snorkel2 on Fri 12th Aug 2011 18:17 UTC
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I started out with Pylons and ended up with CherryPy, which I found to be superior to pylons in every way.
Of course they did not mention cherrypy in the article.

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