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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla is currently working on the tablet version of Firefox, and Ian Barlow, user interface designer at Mozilla, has just shown off the user interface for this tablet version. I can assure you - this might just be the first tablet browser interface actually designed for, you know, tablets.
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Android tablets?
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 31st Aug 2011 03:20 UTC
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This is actually pretty interesting. I just hope that eventually it is ported to standard Linux distributions so it could be used on generic tablets and other devices using a more standard distribution (ie., Debian).

As Mozilla pisses me of more and more with their flagship Firefox for traditional GUIs/desktops, I'm absolutely shocked that I'm actually interested for a change in this "new" Firefox edition...

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Thoughts on the UI ...
by MacTO on Wed 31st Aug 2011 04:44 UTC
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Maybe it's because I use an ereader that is smaller than the typical tablet, but I've found that I hold the device in one hand an control everything with one thumb. Which leads to a few ideas about what a truly tablet optimized web browser should look like:

It would be nice to just swipe left or right with the thumb to go forwards or backwards a page (i.e. browsing history), and swipe up or down to go forwards or backwards a screen (i.e. on the same web page).

It would also be nice if links were extended to the right edge of the screen, with a thumb-sized region to click on to follow the link. Part of the reason is to make the link easy to reach, but it would also make it easier to unambiguously click on the link. (I find that text links are too hard to select because they are too short for fingers.)

And those thumbnailed tabs can be used in portrait mode too. Just put it on the bottom of the screen. After all, if you have to reach up to a drop-down menu on the top of the screen you may as well have the tabs immediately accessible on the bottom of the screen.

While I agree that it's nice to have a UI designed for tablets, I still think that they have a long ways to go before they leave the desktop metaphor behind. After all, what I'm seeing is pretty much a simplify desktop interface.

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RE: Thoughts on the UI ...
by Novan_Leon on Thu 1st Sep 2011 21:48 UTC in reply to "Thoughts on the UI ..."
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I think people would gladly leave the desktop metaphor behind... if there was something better to go to. I think the reason it has persisted for so long is that it's simple, it works, and nothing superior has come along to replace it.

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Comment by shmerl
by shmerl on Wed 31st Aug 2011 05:13 UTC
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Nice work! Hopefully Meego tablets will get it as well.

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Too bad Firefox still suck though.
by aliquis on Wed 31st Aug 2011 11:06 UTC
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Nah I don't need to explain myself.

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you're so cute I want to hug you.

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Comment by motang
by motang on Wed 31st Aug 2011 13:25 UTC
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Not really digging the white toolbars.

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