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BeOS & Derivatives Thanks to the hard work of Google Summer of Code student Mike Smith, a set of early VirtualBox guest addition drivers are now available for the Haiku operating system. Information, source code, and a binary package can be found on the haiku-development mailing list.
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by Icaria on Wed 7th Sep 2011 06:18 UTC
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Well this is pretty awesome. I'm far too lazy these days to futz around with installation media, separate boxes/keyboard/mice, bootloaders, etc. With a quad-core CPU and RAM to spare, virtualisation is the best option available to me but is hampered by hit-or-miss support for guest OSes.

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Great news
by vodoomoth on Wed 7th Sep 2011 07:32 UTC
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This is truly great news. Let's hope now that the people who make decisions won't act sane and integrate the source code into the VirtualBox source tree.

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Finally so OSnews
by jefro on Wed 7th Sep 2011 16:01 UTC
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OSnews was THE place for any BeOS news and other news at one time. Good to see the continuation of BeOS.
Think I'll go over to bebits.

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