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Privacy, Security, Encryption "The hack of Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar already bore many similarities to the break-in earlier this year that occurred at a reseller for CA Comodo. Bogus certificates were issued for webmail systems, which were in turn used to intercept Web traffic in Iran. Another similiarity has since emerged: the perpetrator of the earlier attacks is claiming responsibility for the DigiNotar break-in. Calling himself ComodoHacker, the hacker claims that DigiNotar is not the only certificate authority he has broken into. He says that he has broken into GlobalSign, and a further four more CAs that he won't name. He also claimed that at one time he had access to StartCom."
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by Lennie on Tue 6th Sep 2011 23:58 UTC
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As the founder of StartCom stated: "We defended ourselves successfully in June from a different attack, but same ppl."

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Talk is cheap
by Soulbender on Wed 7th Sep 2011 00:48 UTC
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Seriously, anyone can claim this kind of stuff without backing it up. I broke into Verisign but I won't say how or when. There, i'm now an awesome hax0r.

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RE: Talk is cheap
by Lennie on Wed 7th Sep 2011 01:07 UTC in reply to "Talk is cheap"
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I wouldn't say that.

The guy from the Comodo hack actually published some keys on pastebin at the time. Which proved it.

Here is the PDF of the first report from Fox-IT which did the report on what happend at DigiNotar:

It specifically says: "The same text was found in the Comodo hack in March of this year"

Which doesn't say much, but says atleast the DigiNotar was the same person/group or wanted it to look that way.

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RE[2]: Talk is cheap
by Soulbender on Wed 7th Sep 2011 06:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Talk is cheap"
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Doesn't say anything about all those other CA's he's supposedly hacked though.

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