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OSNews, Generic OSes Inferno for Android (codename: Hellaphone) has just been announced. Inferno runs on top of the Linux kernel in Android phones, replacing the Java services and UI that ship by default. Inferno's programming language, Limbo, allows applications to be developed quickly and easily. A video demonstrating the device is up on youtube.
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by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 19th Sep 2011 19:07 UTC
Bill Shooter of Bul
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I'm up for a new phone in April of this year. Which means I can turn my existing phone into a dev device! How awesome would it be to pull that out to the shock and horror of your iphone wielding friends.

Its obviously a samsung galaxy, but ... it looks like ... a late 1980's virus has taken over.

I don't mean to insult the devs, I would have a lot of fun playing around with limbo, and you could do some really cool things with it. But it looks like anything other than a smart phone at this point.

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RE: Nice
by cb88 on Mon 19th Sep 2011 20:59 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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Thats right! Its a genius phone!

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RE[2]: Nice
by AndrewZ on Mon 19th Sep 2011 21:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice"
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Don't be silly, what they have done is a brilliant proof of concept implementation of Plan9/Inferno. The intent was not to show pretty graphics, or even to show functionality, the intent was to show Plan 9/Inferno could be ported.

In terms of importance, this is the bottom layer of an incredible stack. Nothing beats Plan 9 in terms of network access and sync-ability.

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RE[3]: Nice
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 19th Sep 2011 21:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Nice"
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The second best part ( aside from the interface) is this gem from the article.

Disclaimer: If you break your phone, it's not our fault. Don't email us, don't come knocking on our door, and don't call us--oh wait, you won't be able to do that anyway, your phone is broken!

That's just so awesome of a statement. Again, if they're still at it in another seven months, I'd have fun trying it out. IMHO, projects like this are a lot more fun (and sometimes accidentally productive) if you stop trying to pretend that its anything other that a fun hobby.

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The commercials would rock
by fretinator on Tue 20th Sep 2011 17:37 UTC
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Forget that Bionic, you can have "Plan 9 from Outer Space" in your pocket.


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RE: The commercials would rock
by bogomipz on Tue 20th Sep 2011 18:54 UTC in reply to "The commercials would rock"
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Bell Labs was not in Outer Space last time I checked.

(please don't downvote for nitpicking/badjoking)

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Presentation is flash only...
by fithisux on Wed 21st Sep 2011 08:31 UTC
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Please create a WebM presentation.

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Congratulations on the effort
by elmemo on Sat 24th Sep 2011 04:51 UTC
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I think there's so much we can learn from plan9/inferno .

I recently found out about "9vx", that can be a quick way to try out Plan9, for those who would like to explore why it would be worth it to install inferno on an Android device:

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