Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 7th Oct 2011 15:32 UTC, submitted by twogunmickey
Window Managers JWM (Joe's Window Manager) was quietly update to Version 2.1.0 at the end of September, making it the first update in over 4 years. I honestly have no idea what's changed - do we have a JVM user in here? Don't fail me guys and girls!
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Comment by erdraug
by erdraug on Fri 7th Oct 2011 16:33 UTC
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IIRC JWM is the default window manager on puppy, DSL and Slitaz so there's bound to be some feedback soon.

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From the website changelog:
by joehms22 on Fri 7th Oct 2011 16:45 UTC
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JWM v2.1.0 <> 20110925
Revision 502
Fixed several window handling issues.
Fixed an issue with key bindings and modifiers.
Added some more key bindings.
Changed the way the "next" and "nextstacked" key bindings behave.
Merged some user-contributed patches.
Rounded window corners (Patriot).
Support for transparent menus, trays, and windows (Patriot).
New borders for buttons (Patriot).
User-replaceable window button masks (Patriot).
gxine fullscreen fix (Patriot).
Fix for windows loosing focus when switching desktops (Patriot).
More key bindings (Dougal).
Transparent group (Dougal).
Some code cleanups.
Added the ability to resize from the top of windows.
Added support for pager labels.

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RE: From the website changelog:
by gerg on Fri 7th Oct 2011 21:30 UTC in reply to "From the website changelog:"
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Rounded window corners (Patriot)

Let's hope Apple doesn't catch wind of that!

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by Temcat on Fri 7th Oct 2011 18:54 UTC
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It's been a while since I've last fired up PuppyLinux from that old flash drive, but I remember JWM being a nice, functional and fast window manager.

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I use it!
by wainamoinen on Fri 7th Oct 2011 21:48 UTC
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JWM is light, fast, simple. I love it.


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by n4cer on Sat 8th Oct 2011 00:09 UTC
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The question posed at the end of the news post mentions JVM instead of JWM.

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by OSbunny on Sat 8th Oct 2011 05:36 UTC in reply to "JVM"
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Yeah it's a typo. JVM is the java virtual machine.

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by Icaria on Sat 8th Oct 2011 06:43 UTC
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JWM is great when running an ancient PC. Granted, I still prefer a *box.

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