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Google "Sometimes we get lucky, and today is one of those days. I got a draft release from a partner of Google's upcoming Google Drive service and it gives away a wealth of information about how Google plans to take on the incumbent Dropbox. The short story? 5 GB of storage, and it launches next week, likely on Tuesday." No Linux support. Huh.
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Comment by ssokolow
by ssokolow on Mon 16th Apr 2012 23:28 UTC
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I think my mother and I will stay with Dropbox.

Even if we didn't both use Linux, I've already got 6.25GiB on the free plan from referrals and she's got more. Besides, I'm trying to migrate away from Google knowing everything I do.

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Comment by stabbyjones
by stabbyjones on Mon 16th Apr 2012 23:31 UTC
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I started using this instead of dropbox:

I use it to backup my music now as well as sync my documents between pc's. It works a lot cleaner and faster than dropbox as well as allowing an unlimited number of folders instead of just one.

Google Drive is wayyyyy too late for me and I'm sure a lot of people.

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by Hiev on Tue 17th Apr 2012 00:00 UTC
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Sky drive = 25gb
Google drive = 5gb

This time Google when cheap.

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RE: ...
by dsmogor on Wed 18th Apr 2012 09:51 UTC in reply to "..."
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2005-09-01 50GB

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by Saladar on Tue 17th Apr 2012 00:38 UTC
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I read the title and thought they were going to release the self-driving car. I was sooo pumped! I'm dumb, haha.

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by Flash3441 on Tue 17th Apr 2012 05:56 UTC
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Does anyone know of any good cloud storage services that are not American and don't have their servers based in the US and UK? I refuse to backup my files on anything that is subjected to the fallacy of a law called The Patriot Act.

Thom, know of any reliable ones in Europe?

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RE: Alternatives?
by OSNevvs on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:16 UTC in reply to "Alternatives?"
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Yes. Your home: Buy a NAS (e.g. a Synology), it has all cloud, backup and server features (web server, samba, FTP, printer server, etc.). I have my 2TB cloud at home with my fiber optics connection and when I access my files at home, it's super fast with my gigabit ethernet connection. Faster than any remote cloud, and when I'm elsewhere, it's still usable.

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RE[2]: Alternatives?
by avgalen on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Alternatives?"
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That isn't a proper alternative:
- When a burglar, a flood, or a fire comes it is all gone, both the original and the copy
- The upload speed of a home NAS isn't very likely to reach acceptable levels to anywhere outside of your home unless you are one of those lucky few.
- It isn't gratis

How much I would like to hate the slow "cloud" with all it's privacy and slowness issues, it DOES have it's benefits.

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RE[3]: Alternatives?
by Priest on Tue 17th Apr 2012 07:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Alternatives?"
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The solution is to use a strong encryption.

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RE[3]: Alternatives?
by broken_symlink on Tue 17th Apr 2012 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Alternatives?"
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Works fine for me. Just take backups regularly to an external hd and store that hd in a safe or the bank.

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RE: Alternatives?
by cyrilleberger on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:53 UTC in reply to "Alternatives?"
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hubiC by ovh (, servers are in France and Poland, however, since it was just launched, you need to learn French first ;) I guess the english version will come later this year.

And as for neutrality of data, in 2010, they started to host wikileak, and when the government ask them to remove the website, they refused to do it unless there was a court ruling, the CEO said "OVH is neither for nor against this site. We neither asked to host this site nor not to host it. Now it's with us, we will fulfil the contract."

That said, if you are trully concern by your data, you need to encrypt them before hosting them anywhere that is not under your direct control.

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RE: Alternatives?
by Flash3441 on Tue 17th Apr 2012 23:30 UTC in reply to "Alternatives?"
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Thanks to everyone who responded with some excellent suggestions.

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by pandronic on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:48 UTC
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I bet it won't be rolled world-wide. Lots of companies lately have the nasty habit of making their services available only to the U.S. (or at least to just a few big countries) - think Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Google Chrome Beta for Android, Amazon App Store, iTunes music service (for quite a long time) etc. Kinda sucks.

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RE: Comment
by cyrilleberger on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:56 UTC in reply to "Comment"
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For Cloud services, the main reason is that they don't scale that well. For music services, even though there are five companies controlling most of the market, they still insist on countries-by-countries negotiations.

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by Neolander on Tue 17th Apr 2012 06:49 UTC
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So, what kind of value does it offer with respect to good old ISP-provided FTP and temporary large file upload services ?

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by dsmogor on Wed 18th Apr 2012 09:57 UTC in reply to "ISP FTP ?"
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Honestly, I'd like to ask the same.
I signed up to some cloud storage company and what now? My company wifi blocks it, my carrier data quota is set to 0.5 GB so I'd rather not stream music from there (having 42G storage on a phone helps too), I keep docs well on a google docs.
What else can I use it for?

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I already use google as a cloud filestore.
by mattymoo on Tue 17th Apr 2012 08:00 UTC
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I already use google docs for this. It allows me to upload any type of file...

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