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Legal Apple's and Samsung's CEOs are meeting tomorrow for patent lawsuit settlement talks, and cross-licensing appears to still be an option. Me, I'm hoping the talks fail utterly. Let this mess play out in the fullest. Let the world see the ridiculousness that is the patent system. Let's see what happens when iPhones and Galaxy devices get banned from the US and US senators suddenly don't get their hands on the latest shiny toy. Let's see how that impacts this mess.
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we can only hope...
by bnolsen on Mon 21st May 2012 03:24 UTC
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we can only hope it gets that messy. Unfortunately I almost suspect in the end that collusion between the biggest patent offenders may win the day.

Also there's the billions and billions of dollars the lawyers get out of this corruption. The politicians (who are alos lawyers) don't want to lose their campaign donations.

A possible worst case ending would be if cash strapped startups are threatened out of the market using the legal system as a bludgeon.

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Samsung has another card to play
by JoeBuck on Mon 21st May 2012 21:11 UTC
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Samsung is a major Apple supplier; they manufacture almost all the SoC's in iPhones and iPads and would be very hard for Apple to replace in the near term.

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RE: Samsung has another card to play
by re_re on Tue 22nd May 2012 01:13 UTC in reply to "Samsung has another card to play"
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It's just a cat and mouse game. Neither company has any intention really losing money on this. Both will come out on top regardless of who loses.

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