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Google The Verge is reporting that some important members of the WebOS developer team are going to Google. According to a reply from HP, Open webOS project is on schedule, but a number of people are indeed transferring to Google. Fun times - let's see some of that webOS in Android.
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In a more positive light
by Lennie on Sun 27th May 2012 10:43 UTC
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Not sure what will happen to WebOS, they've also put out more positive press releases:

But Android is the most used mobile/touchscreen OS.

Many people read it as this: Android will be more webapp friendly in the future.

Which can only be a good thing, at least for some section of the developer community.

And who knows, maybe there will be a more cards-like UI for Android too ?

Any unified Android UI would be a good thing I guess, but I doubt it will happen because that is for the manufactures a way to differentiate.

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Comment by Meanwhile
by Meanwhile on Sun 27th May 2012 16:42 UTC
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(at least they used to brag about how many PhDs they had on staff some years ago), yet all of their products seem to originate from outside the company. What do those PhDs do (besides provide window dressing PR)?

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A Ph.D. certifies that you're really, really good at a really narrow area. Ph.D. holders are often incapable of thinking enough outside their boxes to come up with crazy awesome ideas, but they can be kickass engineers at implementing them.

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Comment by henderson101
by henderson101 on Mon 28th May 2012 07:52 UTC
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In many ways, this is sort of the remnants of Palm's engineering staff realigning themselves with their ex-coworkers who fled to Google. When you think of it like that, it seems more like a no brainier.

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