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Graphics, User Interfaces One of my recent endeavours involves surreal digital collage, which currently has its own, rejuvanated, underground movement. In my search for inspiration I came across a talented artist, _meta_ ("Kim" in real world). At the time Kim happened to only publish his works for his followers on Instagram, so few people has seen his works. The biggest surprise for me was that Kim's artwork doesn't come to life via Photoshop or The Gimp, but via an iPhone 4s. Modern collage works require quite some cutting precision, so I found this fascinating-enough to ask Kim to walk us through his creation process.
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I bet it takes some patience
by Ultimatebadass on Wed 30th May 2012 09:00 UTC
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to do anything remotely precise on a 3.something inch screen. The art style itself is not really my thing though.

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by bowkota on Wed 30th May 2012 10:21 UTC
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Interesting article.
Nice to see you posting again Eugenia. Would love some more from you and David.

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by NuxRo on Wed 30th May 2012 11:34 UTC
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First time I hear about digital collage. I love the style!
Nice article, too.

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Good stuff!!
by gan17 on Thu 31st May 2012 02:26 UTC
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Props to both youself (I checked out your gallery as well) and 'meta'. Honestly, some of those I'd buy and hang on my walls if possible.

It's really refreshing seeing articles like these here. Much thanks for sharing. ;)

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