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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Iain Marlow interviews Thorsten Heins: "While the core technology of BlackBerry 10 is ready to go - outside developers are already working on an array of applications - I decided that the way some features worked together and the related software integration needed more attention and refinement. The goal of BlackBerry 10 is to bring some of the best technologies in the world together in a seamless environment. Simply put, I could still see some of the seams. [...] We decided to delay the launch of BlackBerry 10 to give us ample time to integrate software, test, and polish the final product." While I wonder if RIM can take such a delay, I'm glad Heins understands the importance of polish. since many PlayBook owners appear quite content with their device, I'm very curious to see what BB10 will be like.
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Love the Playbook!
by warhoon on Fri 6th Jul 2012 22:36 UTC
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Posting this with my playbook which I just love! I am also really interested in seeing BB10-devices.... Too bad RIM is taking such a beating at the moment. While I'm not sure delaying it further is a good thing it needs to be better executed than the Playbook launch where many core apps such as calendar and email were missing.

QNX is such a good OS and I would hate to see it sink with RIM...

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RE: Love the Playbook!
by brewmastre on Fri 6th Jul 2012 23:18 UTC in reply to "Love the Playbook!"
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2006-08-01 playbook which I just love!...

I second that! I have owned an iPad and a Playbook and I can honestly say that I like my playbook better. Also, QNX is an absolutely fantastic OS and I can only imagine that BBOS10 will be just as good as PBOS2 if not better. I'm not crazy about waiting longer but I'm sure it will be great.

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RE[2]: Love the Playbook!
by twitterfire on Sun 8th Jul 2012 19:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Love the Playbook!"
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OS can be great but unfortunately it has very few apps developed for it. And RIM is almost dead. I hope either RIM will restore to the previous success or they opn source or sell the os if they go bankrupt.

I don't know how BB OS is but I used good old QNX on the desktop for a few weeks, few years ago, and it felt great.

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RIM bought TAT a while back
by ronaldst on Sat 7th Jul 2012 01:16 UTC
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I'm very interested in the changes they brought to the UI.

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RE: RIM bought TAT a while back
by zima on Fri 13th Jul 2012 22:27 UTC in reply to "RIM bought TAT a while back"
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Don't get too hopeful with that. TAT was responsible for the look & feel of SE A100 and A200 platforms (search their names on - and also G502 for example), and of some other "feature phone" ones from LG or Samsung IIRC.
And while quite decent, they weren't particularly remarkable, here and there even chaotic a bit - so it's hard to tell if their big effort will be great or so-so.

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I hope you will like BB10
by ShawnX on Sat 7th Jul 2012 05:19 UTC
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While I can't comment on its status, I hope people will like what BlackBerry 10 will be.


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by dnstest on Sat 7th Jul 2012 07:51 UTC
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I considered upgrading my 9700 to a Samsung phone recently. But I've decided to hold off until BB10 and give BB one more chance. I have always loved their phones. Good build quality, good call reception.

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