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BSD and Darwin derivatives Version 3.2 has arrived. "Big-ticket items Performance improvements under database load Significant work has gone into the scheduler to improve performance, using postgres benchmarking as a measure. DragonFly should be now one of the best selections for Postgres and other databases. New USB stack USB4BSD has been incorporated into this release. More USB devices are compatible with DragonFly, and xhci (USB 3.0) users may be able to take full advantage of their newer hardware. Since this is a new feature, it is available in 3.2 but not built by default."
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by gan17 on Thu 8th Nov 2012 01:16 UTC
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Congrats to the Dragonfly team. Haven't had particularly good luck with it in the past (HAMMER related bug), but I'll be sure to give it another chance in the near future.

Btw Thom, Daemon is a pretty handsome chap, no doubt, but I think the team would appreciate you use their own Dragonfly logo.

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RE: Yay!!
by ebasconp on Thu 8th Nov 2012 13:35 UTC in reply to "Yay!!"
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I installed it and use it for a while in a test environment and it works like a charm.

Their performance benchmarks using Postgres are too interesting:

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