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Google Wired's Steven Levy got to interview Google CEO Larry Page, and it's a good read overall. When asked about how he feels about Jobs' infamous remark that he would go 'thermonuclear' on Android, Page defiantly responds "How well is that working?" He's got a point. He's even harsher on Facebook, stating that the social network does "a really bad job on their products". My favourite quote from the interview is in response to questions about Google X, and projects like Google's self-driving cars. "If you're not doing some things that are crazy, then you're doing the wrong things."
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Comment by kovacm
by kovacm on Fri 18th Jan 2013 09:01 UTC
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best quote:

"Page: It’s certainly not pleasant. But show me a company that failed because of litigation. I just don’t see it. Companies fail because they do the wrong things or they aren’t ambitious, not because of litigation or competition."

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Comment by Tractor
by Tractor on Fri 18th Jan 2013 10:37 UTC
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Well this is not correct. Some companies meet their doom in litigation.

At the scale of Samsung or Google, it's merely an additional obstacle, so i agree that litigation will not make them fail.

But for smaller companies, it can be a drain to their limited work power and ressources. More importantly, some litigations have chilling effects on the market. If they lose a part of their credibility due to ongoing litigation, this can be enough to push them out of business.

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by JLF65 on Fri 18th Jan 2013 18:52 UTC
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Did anyone else read the title as "why money shots matter"?

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