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Mac OS X "A year ago today, Apple released a software update to halt the spread of the Flashback worm, a malware strain that infected more than 650,000 Mac OS X systems using a vulnerability in Apple's version of Java. This somewhat dismal anniversary is probably as good a time as any to publish some clues I've gathered over the past year that point to the real-life identity of the Flashback worm's creator."
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by judgen on Fri 5th Apr 2013 14:36 UTC
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Atleast it did not cause breakage. Simple (or perhaps not so simple) ad revenue scams are gennerally not as malign as many of the other malwares out there that even causes data-loss and corruption or steals credit card info.
I am not defending this Mavook character, but just mentioning that he could have done a lot more harm if he had wanted to.

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