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Legal "A trade association that represents Google, Yahoo, Cisco and Oracle has come out in support of a controversial cybersecurity bill that is slated to be voted on in the House next week. In a letter sent to the leaders of the House Intelligence panel on Wednesday, TechNet CEO Rey Ramsey said the cybersecurity bill addresses the need for industry and government to be able to send and receive information about cyber threats to one another in real time." As I've said before - legal or no, stuff like this is corruption.
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Comment by shmerl
by shmerl on Fri 12th Apr 2013 19:33 UTC
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Another negative score for Google, together with backing the proposal to add DRM to the HTML standard.

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But but...
by darknexus on Fri 12th Apr 2013 23:36 UTC
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Google are the good guys, right? </sarcasm>

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Nothing new under the sun
by Soulbender on Sat 13th Apr 2013 02:30 UTC
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"Cyber threat" is just the new red scare or yellow peril.

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RE: Nothing new under the sun
by Neolander on Sat 13th Apr 2013 06:46 UTC in reply to "Nothing new under the sun"
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"Cyber threat" is just the new red scare or yellow peril.

Yup. Kind of surprising to see Oracle battling here though. Perhaps they want to polish their brand image a bit, after all the harm they did to it in the past few years. Or perhaps they are just scared of having to support some new data interchange format which they do not control.

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by crhylove on Sat 13th Apr 2013 06:51 UTC
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Those are 4 companies that will never receive a dime from me or my clients. ever again.

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Sending a letter == corruption ?
by sonnyrao on Sat 13th Apr 2013 22:40 UTC
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I agree that sending data directly to the government looks bad, especially if there's no oversight, but I'm more curious as to your justification for why a group sending a letter to congress is corruption?

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Personal info
by twitterfire on Sun 14th Apr 2013 10:50 UTC
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Using Google Chrome and Google search engine is one of the worst privacy nightmares.

If you want to use Chrome because it's technically the best browser and use Google search, there are some ways to do it and still don't send personal info and track data to Google servers.

You can install a Chromium based browser with tracking and data collecting remove like Srware Iron.

You can use a search engine like startpage, which is basically google but going through startpage's servers and with data tracking removed.

I don't trust duckduckgo either, they might be tracking or collecting data.

Also, if you fancy your privacy, don't use gmail. Even if you delete your emails and account, all your data will sit on google servers for years and they can use your data and even share it with others.

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umm, am I missing something?
by TechGeek on Mon 15th Apr 2013 04:41 UTC
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OK, maybe I missed something somewhere, but where does this bill actually affect user data? It sound like this bill is about sharing the kind of info that would eventually be sent to the different security based groups. It didn't mention that they were going to share user info. At least in the security realm, full disclosure is to be applauded, as it makes for better security. Can someone point to the part that is bad?

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