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Google "With an update to the Google Search application, Google Now is available on iOS. Compatible with both the iPhone and iPad, the update brings almost all of Google's information cards across from Android. The look and feel of the app is virtually identical on both platforms, a testament to Google's newfound ability to make well-designed apps on iOS. The main differences between Android and iOS are few, mainly in that iOS can display fewer different kinds of cards." Google's iOS applications look better than anything Apple itself has pushed out over the years.
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by WorknMan on Mon 29th Apr 2013 15:32 UTC
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As Google keeps pushing out more of their apps to iOS, my reasons for sticking with Android continue to shrink. If iOS had tighter Google Voice integration, quick toggle widgets, and allowed users to change default apps, the iPhone6 might be a viable option. Maybe in iOS 7 ;)

As it is, I am getting tired of Google's contempt for Nexus owners. At least with iOS, I can have 32-64gb storage options, along with LTE, without having to have my phone violated by the vendors and carriers.

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RE: Nice
by sirspudd on Wed 1st May 2013 00:08 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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Dude bra, long as you are consuming their services, why should they care about the lost profits of handset vendors?

As a Nexus user, I also think your rhetoric about being treated like crud to be a little inane. My Nexus 4 is a glorious beast for the money. I would not/clearly don't pay the extra $300 for a handset with LTE support.

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RE[2]: Nice
by WorknMan on Wed 1st May 2013 04:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice"
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Ya, the 16gb Nexus 4 is fine for $350. But I would pay the extra $$ for LTE, 32gb of storage, a removable battery, and not having to wait 4 months for an official charging dock. The point is, if you want a real Android phone with these features and no bloatware, there are no options available. Want a 7" tablet running stock with HDMI out and a quad core CPU? Tough shit ;)

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RE: On a related note
by Chrispynutt on Tue 30th Apr 2013 09:15 UTC in reply to "On a related note"
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True. However some of the sentiment around this feels like kicking the guy who just bought you free pizza.

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by telns on Mon 29th Apr 2013 17:03 UTC
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The main differences between Android and iOS are few, mainly in that iOS can display fewer different kinds of cards.

This sentence is an abomination.

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Google Nowt
by henderson101 on Mon 29th Apr 2013 23:07 UTC
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Google Now is a concept that I wanted to embrace, but it was so confusing and random, I gave up. Some days it would happily tell me about my journey to/from work. Sometimes it would tell me some other vaguely useful thing, like weather or similar. But the majority of the time it had nothing useful to tell me. Maybe the service is just too limited outside of the US, but it didn't revolutionise my life, nor did I use it in the last 4 or 5 months.

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RE: Google Nowt
by jimmystewpot on Tue 30th Apr 2013 22:09 UTC in reply to "Google Nowt "
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Take note.. response is from my Google Now experience in Australia (Sydney).
Google now was a complete waste of time except that it gave much nicer meeting notifications from calendar with transport information on how long it would take to make the meeting. Two problems with that...
1. the GPS had to be active which sucked the battery life in ridiculous time.. constantly having to update the location.
2. Only worked with Google Calendar.. so i found myself syncing from my work outlook to google calendar using the google sync tool which is now end of life.

Having said that.. in the most recent update it has improved dramatically in Australia for both public transport and self-drive. It can tell me the trip time to work for both driving and public transport and give me traffic alerrts.. Gives me an idea if I should leave early or not to get there in better time. It overall has saved a huge amount of time in traffic and making sure I make meetings on-time because I know the traffic/trip times before I leave.

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