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Games "We are looking forward seeing your exciting ideas become reality and having fun developing together. We're always looking to support new developer talent, so we've decided to waive the publisher license fee (EUR 80, GBP 65) for PlayStation Mobile, which means you can bring your games to PlayStation Vita or any PlayStation-certified device, free of charge."
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Comment by bnolsen
by bnolsen on Thu 9th May 2013 03:40 UTC
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c# but I guess mono is likely to work for whatever that is worth. I suspect the vita isn't doing very well. I've seen some 3DSs but I haven't seen a vita in the wild yet and haven't seen a psp in quite a few years. Now its mostly tablets and some phone gaming.

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RE: Comment by bnolsen
by moondevil on Thu 9th May 2013 06:57 UTC in reply to "Comment by bnolsen"
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Game studios are adopting C# into their tools.

Note that in Windows Phone 8, iOS and the consoles targeted by Mono, it is actually compiled to native code.

Having said this, C++ support would be nice to have.

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by henderson101 on Thu 9th May 2013 08:43 UTC
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Would be cool if it actually worked - it craps out every time I generate a token and then try to progress with the registration process.

Actually, scratch that - it works in Chrome, not IE... as I was using a different gmail account than the one I have logged in to Chrome, I used IE to log in to gmail - and it simply just didn't work! Copied the link to Chrome, all good now.

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by bowkota on Thu 9th May 2013 16:16 UTC
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I haven't had time for consoles in recent years but I'm definitely buying a PS4. They are doing many things right: hardware direction, cooperating with developers etc.

Finally, I'll get around to playing God of War and I'm hoping for a new Journey game.

PS: if you haven't read this interview on Gamasutra from the lead architect, you definitely should.

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I don´t see much future
by jgfenix on Sat 11th May 2013 19:34 UTC
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I have a PSP and last year bought a Vita but the game selection is a crap and now there are a lot of games of the same or higher quality in Android cheaper or for free.

I dont like touch controls for action games (I tried and some are tolerable but physical are better) and the Vita is great but it´s a lost battle. But if Sony allowed free/adware games ...

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