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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla and Foxconn have officially announced a partnership and confirmed that the two firms are developing at least 5 new devices, including a tablet computer. At a press conference today at Computex 2013 in Taipei, Li Gong, CEO of Mozilla Taiwan, and Young Liu, General Manager of Foxconn innovation Digital System Business Group, unveiled a new tablet prototype model designed for an unnamed OEM."
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Really hoping
by orfanum on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 14:05 UTC
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That this helps to break up the logjam (including the Blackberry and WP saplings) in the mobile OS stream. The trick to be pulled off is to deliver a feasible alternative *despite* the kind of pressure that such an expectation is going to produce. Having just spent a weekend flashing a tablet just to get my hands on an update, I wish all the partners in this venture God speed if they can produce a tightly integrated, fleet-of-foot OS-based product which will benefit from a rapid update schedule, and which out-of-the-box won't be party to the kinds of insidious big data amassing that many others seem to indulge in as an ongoing by-product of an apparently one-time purchase. I would also fervently pray that they won't try to emulate the current app business model but will seek to subvert it, so that a sluice gate can be closed on this whole 'software as subscription model' channel (or should I say, gutter).

Yeah, I know I am talking out of my hobbyist ass but you all know what I mean.


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just a few apps
by fran on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 14:22 UTC
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I don't expect that much from my tablet.
Some browsing, email, some youtube and GPS now and again. The most important entertainment app for me is an ereader. I think it is paramount for Firefox to either/and get the Kobo or Kindle app on it and you will have a lot of satisfied users.

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Cool... eh, wait...
by shinkou on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 19:44 UTC
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I'm not saying they copied people's idea, but the tablet sounds pretty much like a tablet version chromebook... did I miss something significant here?

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RE: Cool... eh, wait...
by crystall on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 21:04 UTC in reply to "Cool... eh, wait..."
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Chromebook runs a fully fledged operating system with a window manager and native apps on top which also happens to run web apps. Firefox OS is made in HTML5/JavaScript from the ground up, everything in there is a web page, there isn't a single line of native code besides the (hidden) browser. Even the window manager is written in JavaScript:

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RE[2]: Cool... eh, wait...
by Hiev on Mon 3rd Jun 2013 22:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Cool... eh, wait..."
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And the Chromebook also spies on you all the time also.

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RE[2]: Cool... eh, wait...
by zima on Tue 4th Jun 2013 23:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Cool... eh, wait..."
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And this is supposed to be light, used with inexpensive (hence "slow") handsets?

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