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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In light of today's news, this is my favourite Nokia device of all time. The 8800 was gallery play in design, construction, and attention to detail. Not even today's phones come even close to how beautiful, sleek, and incredibly sturdy the 8800 felt. I reviewed it for OSNews way back in 2006.

The slider mechanism used ball bearings. Ball bearings.

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by Nelson on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 14:09 UTC
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The image stabilization mechanism on the 1020 uses ball bearings too ;)

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Comment by kurkosdr
by kurkosdr on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 15:05 UTC
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You picked a favorite Nokia device which isn't a Symbian S60 device? Burn the heretic! On a stake!

My favorites are the the N92 (from S60v3 era) and 808 PureView (from the Symbian^3 era).

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RE: Comment by kurkosdr
by zima on Tue 10th Sep 2013 15:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by kurkosdr"
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At least the Series40 OS was decent, can't say the same about Symbian...

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I own an N9
by No it isnt on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 15:18 UTC
No it isnt
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What could have been ...

Having used a Lumia 920 lately (bought one for my mum and spent a few days with it), I must say Nokia made a grave mistake going with Microsoft.

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by evert on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 15:21 UTC
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I love the N100 series. It's way advanced over the most "smart"phones. It can last at least a week without recharge (compare with "smart"phones!), takes little space, and costs like nothing.

The N113 has bluetooth so you can sync contacts / messages with your PC. Specs:

Sorry for the advertising. I just love my simple, KISS, do-one-thing-and-do-it-great device. For browsing, but a tablet or whatever.

On a side note:

“I generally hate phones - they are irritating and disturb you as you work or read or whatever - and a cellphone to me is just an opportunity to be irritated wherever you are. Which is not a good thing.„ — Linus Torvalds (2010-02-06)

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RE: N100
by peejay on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 16:17 UTC in reply to "N100"
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"I generally hate phones - they are irritating and disturb you as you work or read or whatever - and a cellphone to me is just an opportunity to be irritated wherever you are. Which is not a good thing." — Linus Torvalds (2010-02-06)

One day he will discover "silent mode". ;)

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In the US too
by tkeith on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 15:42 UTC
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I think I remember seeing this phone in person as well. We had a Nokia "experience" store at a mall. They didn't actually sell phones there, and you couldn't get this phone from any US carrier, so I'm not sure why they had these stores.

I agree, the phone felt awesome, but when I looked it up online and it was like $900 which at the time was unheard of.

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Comment by gan17
by gan17 on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 16:38 UTC
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I prefer the titanium 8890, the model that succeeded the 8800, much more. Was a lot more robust, and I generally preferred the 8890's matte-ish finish over the tacky-shiny 8800's one.

Special mention for the 8110 banana-phone. Was cool even before The Matrix popularized it.

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My favourite Nokia phones
by kompak on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 18:26 UTC
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From the pre-smartphone era I would have to say 2110. The thing would take so much abuse and the battery lasted for ages. Also the usability was much better compared to Motorola MicroTAC which was my previous phone. From the more recent models I would have to say N900. It's got everything from multitasking as it should be done to full capabilities of regular Linux installs. It's almost unbelievable that no other platform has gotten so fundamental things as multitasking right. I also very much like the possibility of dropping into terminal to fix some issue over just non-functioning GUI with maybe some cryptic error codes at best.

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Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Tue 3rd Sep 2013 18:34 UTC
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I was very happy with a Nokia E50 for a while. I gave it away a few years ago, but apparently it made someone else very happy.

I won't give my Nokia 1101 away.

In storage are also a Nokia 9500 and E90. A bit large, but almost very small laptops.

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